My Rainbow Path

Rainbows everywhere!!! Re-blogging.

Fiesta Estrellas

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Each sister has said to me

At least once:

“I saw a rainbow,

And it reminded me of you.”


A rainbow,

I was taught, was God’s promise

Never to be mean to all of us, ever again!

(at least not by flood)


I drew all those rainbows

From ages 3 thru 8,

Because life wasn’t always easy,

and people: They

need colorful bridges to escape onto /(

Take refuge In.) On. ^Above^ _or_ Under the Rain…

Look at the pictures;

I thought it

was the #Number of

Rainbows that could staircase the Way Out-

UP, Around ~

Each Arc

Another Step, a Progression

What I see now is that ‘rainbow’ was


The early years:

Rainbow NativeRainbow with Trees

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8 thoughts on “My Rainbow Path

  1. Hey Ka,

    I read your powerful poem and wonder still longer at the shine of your star…when you appear as the Lady of The Rings, you are that arc of beautiful colour lit from within by the full spectrum of light.

    The image is compelling: a path, a journey, a sea, an adventure, seen in illuminated progression and leading the eye beyond an open door and out into another world. I want to ‘surf on the bow’ of your poetic rainbow as it flows towards those distant shores…

    Beautifully inspiring words Ka. Thank you for perfect colours and the secrets of circular form 🙂


    DN – 27/06/2015

    1. Hi Dewin,
      Gratitude seeps ever deep into my heart. Thank you for your kind, poetic words…I AM listening and receiving. Come and surf with us on the arc of this journey to the ever-arriving distant shore! Undulating arms and hula rhythms throughout the walks and dances, under the arching, celebrating banners, and up through the spiraling dimensions of life!
      Namaste. dear friend, Ka

      1. Hey Ka,

        What a ride you describe…what height in those ‘spiralling dimensions’…I am going to need more oxygen to keep up with all of you 🙂

        Namaste dear Ka

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