Mercury Retrograde in Gemini; I choose to write

According to Pinterest – “Nerd Descending a Staircase” (in lieu of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending Staircase”) I respect both works of art…artist with spoof is unknown.

Dear friends, readers, visitors, angels in disguise,

I’m living in multiple realities right now – as crazy as it sounds; I know it is, and it’s okay. There’s truth to a reality in a moment of being, and we are in shifting states continuously – maybe some more than others, at times.  I’ve been observing astrological movements for some time now. Though I am not very old, nor very young; I have a certain perspective. I am not really able to share my particular perspective with you right now, directly.

In lieu of this, I discovered today a ‘classic’ astrological piece on Mercury retrograde – as well as it is relevant and updated for the present time.  Please read here  if you are so inclined and/or curious. I don’t know the author personally, and I am not advertising for them – nor anyone for that matter. I do believe that we have a level of control – but also with Pluto retrograde – I have been experiencing a deeper understanding of what control is not… and what control is… There’s this exploration with a higher power, a guide that has movement and no face. A guide that has presence and no demand of space, matter. True love. I feel deeply loved. I am going to use those words, “higher power,” in the interim – for words happen as though they are composing themselves. They seem to want to compose themselves more and more with ease and flow, while coming from the cauldron that is my physical body, this temporary vehicle.

I’m am so totally with this journey, and no language/picture is apt for its depiction at present. Even those words are understating. Mundane concerns take precedence right now, as reality is doling out to me my spiritual path. One step at a time, one decision at a time. While Mercury is retrograde, what are “the details;” and what is the ‘bigger picture’?  There’s no difference. It’s the tiny decisions we make throughout the day that have seemingly invisible repercussions. It’s about sweeping the steps, regularly. It’s about cleaning the dirt off the metal parts so that corrosion doesn’t break our precious devices – our instruments of living. It’s about the actions that seem to not be of significance on a small scale, but successively build into the reality that we live in.

Yes, I am thinking of delicate things like butterfly’s wings, gossamer things, features with negligible  substance, but great capacity.

Realities like Chuang Tzu who dreamed he was a butterfly or was it the butterfly dreaming he was human.  Which? Both simultaneously, I suggest…

There’s no either/or; there is a suspended state, an in-between.  It’s the moments when we open up to expressing our own reality/personal, small perspective, or truth (in the moment) – no matter how unpopular, well-received ( or small), no matter who is watching, or who cares/doesn’t care; and despite any extra designs and scaffolding around it (there’s always scaffolding). Grammar is duty, is diligence, but so is servicing the voice without terrific restraint. We make choices. I choose to write what I need to write. I choose to open myself up to be ignored, dismissed, deemed unworthy. (3rd house Chiron in Taurus).

This is a worthy risk for me. Without the voice, there is no growth, no understanding, no becoming…

6 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde in Gemini; I choose to write

  1. Hi Ka,

    This, combined with our recent exchange over on my site, as well as the wear-and-tear of a day that has left me on the verge of cracking open, has really touched me. I won’t ask you to explain you, if you don’t ask me to explain me… 🙂

    I think there’s a little rejoicing in me at the recognition of what seems like you claiming the power that is uniquely yours… Your way of reading the heavens that emerges from the sanctity of your own heart. Your need to speak your voice. And as you mentioned in a recent comment to me, your moving through your timidity, into the fullness perhaps, of your own being. These are such amazing movements.

    Tonight, in a moment that will pass, these feelings that have been stirred were nourishing, and struck me as precious. To have been a part of it, just to witness it, to resonate with it for a moment, feels like it changes my whole day. I have been part of something true… and it is good…


    1. Thank you so much, Michael; I feel ‘recognized’ by your comment; and very importantly, understood. I am so very glad that you received something from my posting here, and in our exchange – that the place from where ‘necessity speaks’ in me, can also be nourishing to others. So grateful, Ka

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    After reading Michael’s comment, I am afraid mine may pale in comparison,,,
    Yet.. from reading some of your recent musings, it is clear that you have embarked on a wonderful adventure and I am excited for you with every trippy and luminous twist and turn.

    luv ya darlin’

    cosmic hugs,

    1. Dear Linda,
      I so appreciate both you and Michael, each for your unique expressions here; and for you taking time out from your busy lives to read a little bit of what’s stirring in my soul, and bubbles over…
      xo Ka

  3. This resonates with me this morning as the misty dew falls and sleep was filled with so many images like a roller coaster ride of flashing images, as I quiet my mind and read, there dawns a clarity and a bond. Peace and blessings my friend😊

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