Everything in life is an exchange,

Then you dry up.

Because… you just want to run free without the…

chains that are made when we bind to one another…

You give and give and give: and you realize:  HOLY emptiness!

HOLY junk!  HOLY room full of noise – and none of the voices are really

Yours. Are they?  Honestly?

All of a sudden a reflection isn’t there. There’s NO ONE on the other side of the glass…

But wait; there is… Plenty of tender, precious lifeforms.You get so wrapped up

in loving each one; each distinct and precious flower.

Plenty of people to Pay attention to, who desperately

what to be SEEN, loved.  YOU are ONE OF THEM!

And then, you just start the cycle over again, until it becomes so obvious that

WE LOVE EACH OTHER – should be your only password.

9 thoughts on “Freebies.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature


    Hey Ka,
    I missed this before. Techno issues have been long and arduous. So glad I got here. This is great! Holy room full of noise! Haha! So true. And I love your bottom line. The password.

    You are a precious flower, Ka. Have a wonderful Saturday, friend.


      1. Yes, my iphone just died (a replacement phone) and I just lost a bunch of pictures because images weren’t updating to icloud automatically as I had adjusted the setting while in Italy. So, I still have some pictures, but I lost a lot. ❤ Your message reminds me of everything I'll always have. Your message came right at the moment when I picked the 'right' distraction from my woes! xo Ka

  2. Update: photos recovered due to ‘the grace of watching a movie’ and attempting the same solution over and over again meanwhile. Again, the ‘right’ distraction saved the day, along with my persistence! Still need to look into getting a more reliable phone… but nothing’s lost in this scenario. *whew* WE LOVE EACH OTHER and tech loves us too 😉

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