If You Want to Live in Your Soul, by Rumi


This morning I awoke to discover that there was a book atop my open book, A Manual of Acupuncture. I asked my husband if he was reading Rumi and left the book there, and he said, “No. Not recently.” Both books have a red cover and they seemed to “go together” even though they were different sizes.

Here’s the page/poem that I opened to, with the same title as this blog post:

The soul within our individual souls
loves the one who runs and falls down
more than the one who sits and watches.

The soul within soul lives in a lover.

Consider this metaphor. How you love is the open sky.
These personal selves are the separate roofs of a town.

Your tongue, the guttering where words flow.
If the roof is not clean, the words get thick and murky.

Some people have elaborate systems that drain water
from other roofs. This is not wise.
There is a false eloquence to it.

A lover is one who waters a garden from a rain barrel
that fills under his own roof.
Roses that grow from that have tears in them.

Sometimes the scale pans may weigh correctly,
but the balancer is off.

A sweet doctor may give bitter medicine.
A foot finds the right shoe in the dark.
Love moves on its way through the pleasure it feels.

Even though the time you live in is violent
and frightening, you are safe in Noah’s boat.

If you want to know who someone is,
hang around with those close by. They know.

The rule that covers everything is,
How you are with others, expect that back.

As usual, I find Rumi’s poems are very beautiful. Perhaps it’s my natal Mars in Libra that the fire always finds its resolution in the embrace of allowing. But it’s probably more-so that regardless of whatever ‘my stars are’ I ought to make the best of this life in the loving of it – finding the tender spirits who would embrace me along with themselves in the lamp-light of our wandering.

Following my typing of Rumi’s poem, and my writing here, I decided I wanted to add an image. I did a google search like this, “image of a lamplight diogenes,” because it was what came to mind. What you see is the first image that resulted from my search query.

6 thoughts on “If You Want to Live in Your Soul, by Rumi

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Searching for an honest bicycle. Hahaha! Great image.
    Beautiful poem. I just love Rumi.
    Blessings Ka,

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Ka. It was the perfect poem for me today. Rumi is such a beautiful roof beneath the sky. I can think of no better way to start the day than to stand beneath the downcomer and slake down a few hearty draughts of what he caught from our shared sky… Sometimes when I mention Rumi, and the other person gets a puzzled look on their face, I have to excuse myself politely and find a closet in which to shed a few tears quickly. How does one live without knowledge of such light!?

    Much Love

  3. I find it awesome that the book just appeared on top of the other book and you could not find out who put it there. These things happen sometimes.
    I have heard of a friend where a book suddenly was put down from the shelf on the table. And the book contained an important message for her. But she never found out how the book arrived on the table. In her house, there is only herself and her daughter. And both did not take the book out. I love these stories.
    Thank your for sharing this.

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