Angel with a chipped wing (rose quartz)


As I continue along my way.
Things show up. Pictures happen.

Art is somehow made.

Grammatical rules get broken.
Text gets disorganized,
thoughts jump out of order.

This is very liberating, sometimes.

Art is not artifice.

Things are not what they seem~

And so it is true that

Everything has its wings.

12 thoughts on “Ascension.

    1. And therein lies the beauty. My miracle just came when I picked up my guitar that I haven’t played in many,many years. Somehow not even needing to build the callouses necessary… I just did it. Feels good. Not polished, but doesn’t matter. Once an artist, always an artist. Once an astrologer, always an astrologer. Once a teacher, always a teacher. ā¤

      There is perfection, and it is written everywhere.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Beautiful, Ka. Nothing is as it seems and everything has its wings. Still, though…I’m sorry about your wee angel’s wing.

  2. Such simple sweetness here, Ka. I love how the brilliance defies convention, isn’t glossy or perfected, but lived, and tumbling down off the slopes of our rising souls…


    1. Hi Michael, I feel fortunate to share recognition in this perfection, as it may not always align with convention. There’s an independence to the brilliance that arises in and of itself, while fully connected to the convention as well as arising from it. Awareness of such perfection could not be alone without the awareness of convention. There’s movement in both directions as you put so beautifully, “[lived perfection] tumbling down off the slopes of our rising souls…” Here we go…
      By the way, I was surprised to see the Metric video on your recent blog post! Then, I remembered that we share some similar music appreciation, too.
      šŸ˜€ Smiles, Ka

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