A little humor… ? & Shadows

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Ye with noble goals!

Today is not January 19th! It is a Monday, and it is January 25th 2016! Yes, it’s Mercury’s stationing direct period. When do you feel the effects? You tell me! 3 days +/- Which means: ________ ? Symbols and non-sequiturs.

On the lighter side – as we rock forward onto Mercury’s funny shadow. I saw K9 from (the OLD DR. WHO)’s image on my wall next to my night table last night. This oughta be a fun and wacky Mercury retracing its steps forward-style. After all, why not?! Get your tech on! I’m awaiting the arrival of my lens mount so I can hook up my old lenses onto my new camera.



15 thoughts on “A little humor… ? & Shadows

  1. Inspiration is everywhere and all it takes is some focus to catch the vibes!
    This retro period was not that intense. A few snafus, encounters with the past ( 12 th house), some reschedulings, etc. I have been feeling a slowdown at least 1 month before the transit so who knows?
    I love the word exuberant and that describes your vibe 🙂

    peace, Linda

    1. Hello my dear Linda!

      That 12th house seems to bring up past life stuff too! Old talents, or talents that were present during earlier cycles but didn’t see “daylight.”

      We’ve had lots of funny things with people trying to deliver things to us and getting confused. Then we had issues of knowingly delayed situations, and it’s been a lot of tech “progress,” just not without some perseverance and ironic discounts. We had some fun banter in phone calls. The best has been the discounts. I felt this Mercury’s vibe through and through. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a blessed day. Thank you ~ ❤ Much Peace and Love, Ka

      1. wow, sounds like a blast. discounts, past lives, me not so much. I have been having very cool dreams though ( can be 12th house) so I bought an owl journal to keep them in to motivate me to record them. Pretty things help me work ( Venus in 10th,lol) I also re-engaged with a local astro group that is under new leadership. I am so psyched to have more face to face community, especially around astrology.

        Blessings back in spades ❤

      2. Yes! Linda, I’ve really enjoyed being with my local astro community too. I keep winning a door prize book, every meeting I’ve gone to it seems. This time it was a Feng Shui book. There were 5 or so of them for me to choose from (Feng Shui books). I am so absolutely happy to hear about you and your journal! (and our on-going owl convo) I know the writing process is so helpful, and the 12th house dreams, indeed! Re-engaging is so much fun, so is time away, and the balance between it all is a lot like breath work. Thank you for sharing! ❤ xo Ka

    1. Yes! Synchronicity has it

      1). Faraday’s Candle and Fiestaestrellas have recently met!

      Faraday’s candle followed me and so I checked out the blog, and was WOWOWOW! I had immediately loved the blog name. I commented on http://faradayscandle.com/sounds-good/
      Interestingly enough I use that phrase all the time!

      Please do enjoy your star-gazing, as I know do too.

      2). I had recently posted on the 5 planetary lineup on my Fiestaestrellas FB account.

      As there are many reasons I moved to the West Coast of A., I can see more starts here. Plus, I can drive to see trees fairly easily, too. Oh, I do love trees ❤ and stars ❤ and connecting!

      1. I have finally found this response… Gmail is playing hide and seek with me. But your post and comments are always a wonderful treasure hunt!
        I LOVE when things begin blending together! As it says in a book (the name of which I can’t remember) “everything happens the way it happens…”

        I am happy you’ve found a wonderful synchronicity! The Universe speaks in so many ways, through so many voices. 🙂

        Love and Hugs!

      2. Hi Fim,

        Yes, and the universe speaks through you, too. Things have been blending together for quite a while now. Every now and then I work to organize it all – and that’s a happy task, so is witnessing that it got all mixed up again. Like the breath-work, expanding and contracting, there’s entropy and order. So, here’s to the silly framework of our continued dialogue. You are always welcome here. ❤ Ka

  2. Must have been yesterday. When I felt like I was walking on a treadmill to nowhere, in front of a green screen, so later all the ideas of what wasn’t adding up that were walking with me could be displayed for good measure. It’s like your experience is a hollow echo of itself. Like a video making a video. Was that it!? Ha!

    There should be another cartoon of a group of fencers laughing at the knights, as they deftly roast their marshmallows on the tips of their nimble foils and rapiers…!


    1. Wow. Michael, a video making another video of itself!? green screen? I suppose on your green screen you can add any background you want in the editing process later – so that’s a really cool analogy for not really “not really going anywhere,” but feeling like it from some 3rd perspective.

      I’m appreciating your enhancement of the cartoon. I can picture it, just not with a lot of success. Fencing rapiers just might be more equipped to handle the fire-marshmallow line up. Do you think? I like how in this picture, everyone is at a different angle, coming in at the fire with their marshmallow. That one in the back who’s sitting and raising his arm up real high just to angle it ‘just so’ into the hot smoke.

      Your creativity always amazes me!

      Peace indeed,

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