A little humor… ? & Shadows — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day21)

Ye with noble goals! Today is not January 19th! It is a Monday, and it is January 25th 2016! Yes, it’s Mercury’s stationing direct period. When do you feel the effects? You tell me! 3 days +/- Which means: ________ ? Symbols and non-sequiturs. On the lighter side – as we rock forward onto Mercury’s funny shadow. […]

A little humor… ? & Shadows — Fiesta Estrellas

In honor of the approaching New Moon in Sagittarius, I’m taking all my philosophical thinking that been on the rise, and taking a little bit of a break at the humor station. I’m so serious most of the time–which is fine. Seems like everyone’s experience of humor is very diverse. Seems like the best of friends know how to just be light with one another. I think about those friendships–the ones i’ve had or have now. We roasted marshmallows yesterday at a beach bonfire party. It was so much fun for the kids. Yesterday was sot of an epic day. The photographer had to cancel at literally the last minute. I wrote an email entitled “Big Problem” and the company fixed it right away and got us another photographer at the same location. This time we get all the photos for free. I’m pleased that the customer service for this women-led company are doing a good job.

Happy Peppering!

6 thoughts on “A little humor… ? & Shadows — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day21)

  1. Nothing wrong with being serious, especially when you can notice and realize you need that humorous or light side as well. Yay for quick fixes on photographers.

    1. I’m with you on both parts of that, Kel. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being serious; and, also needing that light side as well 🙂 as a fulcrum or balancing point.

      Thank you, it was a relief to get the photography issue resolved so quickly. I also made a little bit of internal progress on how to process sudden upsetting news. It worked out well across the board. I hope we find pictures that we do like in the gallery we get access to; it ended up being a unique shooting experience as well. A little bit lighter, I guess you could say! LOL

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