We take a risk

Every time we open our arms
and embrace another who is in need.

Every time we seek out a person
in need, or respond to the call of those
who show up.

Every time we click “like” or
leave a comment on a blog.

Each time that we support and encourage another
is the opportunity to pass on the encouragement
that we have received. Or, the encouragement that
we have never received just as we would have *liked* it.

“I am so 100% loved, cared for; seen.

People derive value from my presence.

I have purchased their works.

The comment I made just led to the butterfly effect
of his or her perfect realization. It was the tipping point
that brought them to the place where they
succeeded in something they have been earnestly working for a very long

My blog post, got someone thinking…
or triggered some healing in a deep way that
reverberates onward.”

While On the bus:

Every time we open our eyes, smile and
make eye contact. Connect.

Every time we give the gift of ourselves, our
time, our thoughts. Our presence.

These are moments where we take a risk
that something or nothing may become of it, and the
best part is, I hope both happen at once.
I want nothing and
everything to come of it. I want it to be simple, but it never

I want to remain free, giving from the space
of openness in my heart that does not respond to
obligation but derives deep pleasure from
delivering a message,

for being a cog in the wheel,

for being just an ordinary being involved in an ordinary
process that neither myself nor my words put on their
special dress for.


*photo from wikimedia commons. I find this image inspires me.


35 thoughts on “We take a risk

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    All these moments, where we take these risks – they echo all over the world. ❀

  2. Thank you for the beautiful love your soul exudes to the world!! I can feel the love and I agree…thanks for reminding me to GIVE!! Have a wonderful Sunday, dear soul! ❀

  3. I like the way we take risks with one another, but do not require our special dress to do so. This is not the high roller casino. This is the risk to approach the truth of things, as they are. To come out from our costumes, and dare another to join us…

    Lovely writing, Ka!
    Peace and Love,

    1. Thank you, Michael. The image of the high rollers made me laugh! I pictured Kevin Spacey and his team of poor college students, from the movie, “21.” What is the proper use for our overly large brains?! Surely not counting cards.


      The stakes are such that we realize ourselves as whole in the process of discovering what makes us tick and what lights up our worlds. We do that by reaching people where they are, and by being with them ‘as they are.’ In the process, we find that we DO love ourselves, ‘as we are.’

      πŸ™‚ Thank you, Ka

  4. You are a most wonderful Cog in the wheel of life dearest Ka.. and I so appreciate the time you have to give to your blog.. We do indeed embrace many as well as each other. And the Gift you give others is felt. May you long shower your love across the web dear Ka.. But more importantly is to also embrace and nurture your self and your own space..

    Which is something I have been doing more of resently.. And its amazing how the Universe is steering me. For I have spent over one and a half hours trying to access my computer as more problems have occured with it.. And the first comment and post I choose to read is this one..

    I am embracing the Freedom of Me, as another shift within has emerged and when I back track it seems the Universe conspires to block me from my computer.. So I am heeding its message to take small bites of the web yet still try to embrace those who have become so dear to me here on WP..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue!

      Wow! The second that summer started I seemed to have lost all the “free time” I had set aside. πŸ™‚ If anyone understands this so well it would be you. This is especially why I know how we both can share that need to carve out the time and space that we need for ourselves to regenerate, refresh, and just be able to give more. Hahah.. because that’s where the energy ends up going anyways. Thank you so so much as always for your heartfelt wishes, and for being such support to this blog and our collective. As far as the computer goes, yes, I had many technical issues at the onset of the grand mutable cross (astrologically) and am still sort of adjusting to all that. We all are in our own ways adjusting. Small bites is the only way I know, Sue. Whenever I take larger bites, it always turns out *that the small bite I took,* well, it was actually a BIG bite! Who knew?! Heading over to your blog now. xoxo Thanks for your embrace. It’s lovely to share that. Warmly, Ka

      1. πŸ™‚ and it is always good to connect with you Ka.. we will just keep on going within the flow as we feel ourselves shifting into the spaces we need to be. ❀

  5. Your words clarify for me that having just cut back my thirty year career in mental health to one day per week, I’ve seen signs that I will enjoy helping even more, without obligation as an “ordinary being involved in an ordinary process that neither myself nor my words put on their special dress for.” I’m looking forward to this!

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