Ode to my Dusty Guitar

I’ve tuned you a few times
in the past couple of weeks.

Started getting back the memory
of the day and ‘age’ when we met.

You were newborn and now
you are, well, still dusty.

Even with old
strings you still do ring
for me.

What do i do dear friend
to bring you into a state of glistening?

How can I awaken our rapport
without the callouses
or the finger stretches?

Realistically, and without too much
forced effort, that only
frustrates us both.

I’m sorry that we fought.

During which time I made friends
with the ancient spirits who

started drumming anxiously within me.

18 thoughts on “Ode to my Dusty Guitar

  1. My guitar had years of dust when I only played it when the electricity went out in a storm. But I picked it back up in my late 40s and over time, the calluses returned. I say, go for it! Maybe a weekly date?

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    My dusty guitar calls for me from time to time, and I think, maybe I will pick that up again and I do pick it up, tune it, play until my fingers threaten to bleed. Maybe if I keep playing this much every day for a while….and I put it away and the dust settles again.

  3. Ah, my dusty guitar saw the light of day for a few years back in Dallas, and now just sits within its case, waiting for me to remember. But I do remember the night, because of my old dusty guitar I actually managed to get up on stage, and thus began my brief stint with a band. Those were the days. But my old fingers wouldn’t be able to manage anything, not even my old dusty keyboard. *sigh*

    Lovely ode to a star of what I consider an integral part of my life. Music is the medicine in my soul, and the guitar is a major player!


  4. This is so beautiful, and it made me think of my statue of Green Tara… while I call to my Spiritual Ancestors (dieties) daily, I have not worked her grandmotherly energy specifically in a long time, and was called to do so by Spirit just this week… while her statue always held a place of honour, symbolically, in my home, it was recently placed back on my altar as a focus for my intentions and energy… I guess we all have those special connections to items in our lives that we turn to every once and a while. Thank you for this reminder to revisit ourselves. Namaste

    1. Yes, this makes complete sense, Green Tara. Bless you, dear. Thank you. xo Ka

      I looked for my favorite mantra version on youtube but could no longer find it. It was called “White Tara” but in the notes for the video many people commented on that it was really Green Tara. To me, I was attracted to the energy of this particular mantra and voice, and I sensed it was a little bit of both! Here’s another one that I am listening to now, very thankful for your considered words, dear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvSgVcB0I70 _/1\_ Ka Namaste

      Also, I dug up the Green Tara & White Tara Empowerments, the 13 empowerments as from the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. This is available to all who feel the call: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/32694075 many thanks, dear KaylaB, for inspiring this renewed relationship.

    1. Oh yes, Barbara! I am so grateful for the collaboration! I will hopefully attach this book to my site when time permits, and as dust re-settles in ever new, fun, and sometimes surprising rearrangements. How lovely to picture you strumming flamenco music – makes so much sense! xoxo Ka

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