Summer Saturn

Summer is filled with Saturn

A welcome guest, whom I invited.
When he sits in the house,
He already has his own chair.

It’s a sensible chair.
It has arms that are sturdy, of course.
He bought it at a yard sale
He told me.

Haggled for $5.

Saturn doesn’t take up a lot of space,
and is mostly pretty silent, but I
can feel him breathing with the floor.

We go up and down, together.

Saturn is my friend, and when he’s good,
I even lend him my flip-flops, and send
him out to the pool with Neptune.

Yes, they do have sun protection.

Sometimes they square off and fight,
but mostly they just
make stuff happen, together.

Neptune is always hard to pin down, making
images with the clouds. He doesn’t know if
he is drawing with his mind, or if that bunny
is really there.

But, Saturn, he draws those same pictures
in the sand with his finger, and then
he smiles.

6 thoughts on “Summer Saturn

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love this, Ka. “Especially when he is good.” He certainly does draw those lines in the sand! Saturn return is so big. I have had two now and wow!!! Such amazing and powerful energy. If I go with it, everything falls into place. It I don’t…can get pretty dicey! I love your words. Great poem.
    Happy weekend Ka

    1. Hi Mary,
      Well, gosh, Saturn does make an appearance-return more-so, these days, 3x in one’s lifetime! I wonder if 3rd time’s the charm applies in that situation. It reminds me of this time I was on Kauai and I happened to be visiting the Kauai Hindu Monastery. I gravitated towards it. Well, on the 3rd visit, I got to see the Satguru. Interestingly enough, it was another man in the same room at the time with a very Hawaiian t-shirt and very touristy presentation who said to me aloud, “third times the charm!” I was sitting quietly marveling about my signed book by the Satguru. The touristy man had no idea it was my third time there. I’d never seen him before, and though the place is big, there were small gatherings for puja. But, I think Satguru did some body-hopping. That was my experience, anyway. When in the presence of a magical being who can body-hop, anyone can be wearing ‘Satguru’ aura. I’m not sure why i went into all that. Anyways, Here’s to everything falling into place! xo Thank you so much for your comment, your reflections and visit. Namaste. Have a great rest of the week!

      Warmly, Ka

      P.S. Oftentimes people become astrologers around the time they have their 1st Saturn return. I started looking at people’s charts by the time I was 10 years old. We had software that showed us the natal charts and the transits. Then, by the time of my early twenties (and to a certain degree throughout my teens), I would do all my friends and boyfriend’s charts, as my “lifetime experiment.” Then, *after* the time of my 1st Saturn return, I started taking it more seriously and started this blog. Then, I got bored after 4+ years of talking about astrology. lol. So, there you have it, even astrology can get boring. BUT! It never goes away, and isn’t that just the study of longevity? Wishing you a peaceful, refreshing day…

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