Don’t give yourself away. Give yourself away.

You were made to be exactly who you are. That means, there’s a recipe that built you, that only you know, that only your cells know. That means, you don’t need a claim to a lineage, or a story, or a legacy. You can be born right now, in the moment of who you are.

You don’t have to follow what looks like “the rules for success.”  You already are a success.

Build on that.

There doesn’t need to be a history to ‘you.’ You didn’t grow up in a vacuum, but there is a part of you that the outside world cannot see (siblings, even best friends), that you are constantly bringing into manifestation. It’s time to claim that. Be who you have never been before, in every moment. That is self-discovery. That is “making it.”

We can always look to the greats for inspiration, but when it comes down to it, the inspiration to get up in the morning – it comes from our love. It comes from the most intimate place where there is no media coverage (and where other people really aren’t terribly interested or intrigued; it’s boring to them). The Great Work is an inside job! That job is hidden, inside, internal, and moment to moment. Drop the media, drop the lens, drop the notion that you can really see what’s going on “out there.”

May today be your birthday! The one you claim. The day that you decide you want to live for what you want to learn about yourself, about loving, about your potential, and about filling your world with the single-minded focus of your greatest birth.  Happy Solstice!  Go beyond where you’ve been, even if it’s quieter, more focused, and completely driven. Go to where no one else is interested. That’s the scope that only you can hold! Society needs your individuality and your love.


26 thoughts on “Don’t give yourself away. Give yourself away.

  1. I want better words that “this is so good”.. but they are not coming to me right now.
    we joke in my house when we say that was so good – or really good it’s meant as a high compliment. although “good” doesn’t do many things justice.

    This moved me.. woke me up more – which is what I need right now. It was an excellent read for me. It was so good 😉
    Thank you

    petals… petals… petals… ❤

    1. I enjoy waiting for the words to come to the surface. Sometimes I reach for it, and reach, and then give up. Later they pop up on their own, without any effort at all. hmmm….

      good is a word that has “OO” in it. Nice 🙂 Thank you. So so much for your visit. I am glad that you received what you needed ~ sending some petals back. Peace. Love. “OO”

  2. Beautiful, Ka! It is very timely for me, too. I have been feeling this internally and sensing it unfold a bit more within– you know, like something is blooming and you are going along with it for the ride– but then on top of that to find it stated so clearly and passionately… It is good. Thank you for the passionate vote of confidence in who we all are!

    Much Love

    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear it, Michael! Somethings are *indeed* abloom! We can see them flying through the air here. 🙂 Good. The confidence has to be shared even after every bit of squeezing through every doubt is exhausted, there’s something left to give. xo Ka

  3. I’ve always thought, that no matter what I may see in the words, actions, ways of others, that speaks to me, my own song is different; not better, not worse, just different. But I am not alone, as everyone’s is different from all else, and all we need do is to find the stillness wherein lies the core of our individuality.

    There are times when I might see or hear something that resonates with me, yet, I find trying to do things from that other perspective doesn’t quite fit, isn’t quite right. This is simply because my recipe (I LOVE THAT idea!!!) includes ingredients which are not in the ones that I come across.

    Your inspiration is always opening doors, windows, my mind, to the possibilities of me.


  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    This post is really inspiring to me, Ka. The great work is an inside job. Love that! And today is my birthday! (not my birth into this body day) Everyday is my birthday! What a fun concept. Makes me want to go take pictures. 🙂
    Thanks for this uplifting moment!
    Much love,

      1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

        Haha! Oh man! To be snorkeling right now! I guess that’s an inside job today. Love you too Ka!

  5. Wonderful post Ka yes we are indeed unique and need no other’s model to follow
    Or labels to hang around ourselves..
    We are Perfect BEings if we allow ourselves to BE.

    Wishing you a Perfect Day dearest Ka xxx

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