6th Blog Year ~ Grateful

wordcloudFiestaestrellas.com has been active for 6 years! Blog posts have ranged from subjects in art, shamanism, astrology, reiki, poetry, short fiction, gratitude, survival, planetary love, trees and friendship. Blogging has been the hug (hub – last word was a typo I thought I’d keep!) of wonderful new friendships and connections, with lots of sharing, growing, and camaraderie throughout the years. It’s been a place to celebrate the magic and mystery of creation.

Just 6 years ago, before a life-changing trip to Kauai (and following 4 years of radical personal change), and a resultant development along my shamanic path as a then solo practitioner (with lifelong study of astrology and intermittent art-making in various media), fiestaestrellas.com was born! There was all the excitement of Uranus having just entered Aries, and the inspiration hit: begin this blog! I was working with children and tutoring high school refugee students in English around that time. I remember so fondly our Valentine’s Day celebration the month prior. Seeing the culmination in action!

6 is the number of this blogger’s life path. It is the union of 3 and 3. It is the path of the healer-nurturer, while 33 is that of a Master teacher. To me this is the guidance from the way. I receive the guidance ‘on the way,’ as I am with ‘the dao’ and inseparable from it. Scholars may remember that Dao once written as “Tao.” Even the ancient terms are re-written and from this new expressions are given to the value of the old.

Old and New collide here in the Blogland of “celebration of stars,” Fiestaestrellas, and make something all together different, timeless, and hopefully beautiful. Because who doesn’t need a decent measure of hope and beauty?

Uranus will change signs into Taurus in 2018 (a time I am very much looking forward to!), and with that time another foundation will be laid here, as the endurance will be a sure measure of the creative output and willingness to move with Spirit – while having a good time – will be and is the reason and why!

As Venus currently retrogrades in Aries and then into Pisces – inspirational (Aries) value (Venus) is under review, introverted, re-claimed, re-beautified, and/or released. What I value in this moment is to recollect the gentle energy of receptivity, the sculpted and painted form of love and living love through my values, exchanges, and relationships. The poetry of the way life moves, in true acceptance. Impressions and general affinities – the light touch of the sensory perceptions and those of the beyond – are embraced, valued.

Mahalo ~ Mahalo ~ Mahalo ❤

In honor of this time, I have a song I want to play, a song that gently repeats itself in my life practice. It is Tara’s mantra: White Tara (some will say Green Tara). While the mantra has such meaning of itself, this particular vocalist really brings the harmony to my ears as I experience it, and into the song of the meditation, offering, peace.   Aloha ❤

Post update: The wonderful photo above in the shape of a wireless signal, was inspired by one of my blogging friends, Ra @ Rarasaur: In this blog post, she showed us where to get a nifty design online. The image was sitting in my downloads folder until I saw it while cleaning.

33 thoughts on “6th Blog Year ~ Grateful

  1. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging Ka. I have a 6 Life Path number, 24 or 33, depending on how it is calculated. I appreciate our friendship and all you offer here and in the Universe at large.Keep creating and Being 🙂

    Namaste dear sister
    love, Linda ❤

    1. Thank you for all your support here, Linda! I am grateful for our friendship and have enjoyed getting to know you over the last 3 or so years. I just appreciate you for being you in every way, and all of our shared experiences ❤ aloha nui loa, Ka

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I didn’t know that ‘6’ is a special number to you. As I write this now, I am remembering the big-little ‘6’ candle that went on my birthday cake. I remember as a child how much I loved the colors of it. I don’t think I had one of those candles every year, either. So, this one was significant. I am so very grateful for my connection with you! Xox Ka

    1. Thank you, Brad! I think I & we have been growing and thriving (as is fiestaestrellas.com who is her/its own entity!). I so appreciate your visit and I enjoy that we can collaborate online in the way that we mutually find hope and togetherness in blogging! I appreciate your wonderfully uplifting posts. Peace my friend, Ka

  2. Wonderful Ka, that your Life path number repeats here, showing you again your path is well and truly on the right course..
    Love that Chant.. Congratulations as you continue to follow those Master Numbers.. As the Christ Consciousness awakens more to the energies which are continuing to flow into our planet..
    Love and continued Blessings..
    Sue 🙂

      1. Hehe.. isn’t that just like synchronicity 🙂 Last evening I finished a book which had a chapter on numerology in it.. I worked out my Life number as being 7.. 🙂 And found what it had to say interesting.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Ka.. ❤

      2. Oh I love the synchronicity, Sue! I’m sure that Carl Jung is smiling. Yes – 7 is a beautiful number. I resonate a lot with ‘7’ too. What do you think? Does the number fit you? While I enjoy these things, I’m always curious how much we can relate to each of the numbers. It’s also fun to calculate. Sometimes I think of the Kabbalah and all the number meaning embedded in that tradition of the Tree of Life. Also, the Chinese numerology is sometimes similar and sometimes different to that of the Western tradition. The Chinese numerology is based more on sound likeness- that is, if the name for a number is similar to a phoneme of another word, that number would have a similar meaning to that word with the matching sound. Have a wonderful weekend also ❤️🐛💖.

  3. Awesome achievement! Congrats! I just started myself with my blog and it’s amazing to see that people do this for so long and have a great time at it. Beautiful

    1. Hi Dacian! Nice to meet you – Thank you! I’m wishing you all the satisfaction and fun, the connections and growth that blogging brings! Though there may not always be a lot of time for blogging there may be more often ‘a little bit of time’ for blogging and that’s what makes this a continuous activity 🙂 For each of us it is different, but it’s so wonderful! I’ve seen blogs go all sort of different ways, and many change over the years. It’s just fun. Happy Blogging & Happy Traveling !

  4. Six years is a big deal! It’s interesting b/c blogging is so many things as you wrote, but really – it’s a commitment to all these things. So you should definitely feel accomplished. I love reading your posts 💕

  5. Congrats dear Ka!!!!! 😀 Wow, six years is a lot… I tell you soemthing: My blog will be ten years old this June (Or July)—- unbelievable, right!?…
    When I first started blogging there were not so many bloggers like right now… And my posts were little articles or reviews. Plus I used to write in Spanish!… How things have changed! 😉
    All this gets in line with your words: ” Old and New collide here in the Blogland of “celebration of stars”… ⭐ I also value with you the energy of receptivity, exchanges, and relationships. Well said!… Finally, It is interesting to learn about number six, I don´t know much of Numerology but all I know is due to a little book by Carl Jung mostly related to alchemy. I am not completely sure, but I think it was entitled “Psychology and Alchemy” !…. Loved to learn meanings behind numbers by the way! 😀 wishing you a beautiful week ahead and sending you much love & good energy ❤

    1. Awesome! I relish in learning more about you Aqui! ❤ I didn't know your blog was going to be 10 years old. Double-digits! You are truly a blogging inspiration. I enjoy your comments and your thoughts, your blog posts..etc. To imagine that you started your blog in a different language is a fabulous goal for me (might take me 10 years or more). I started learning Chinese (Mandarin) but am very slow with it ~ I had to focus on my current endeavors and so that's about 5 levels (picture a cooking range) on the back burner, cooking super-slow at the moment. Also, at the time the fonts weren't loading up right on my keyboards (as I use different tech devices to get online). I think it's a lot to learn a pictographic language in conjunction with a pinyin (latinized one). Yes, numerology is very tied to all the esoteric and ancient arts and alchemical stuffs. Jung really was marginal in traditional ivory tower psychology, but was huge in these fields that draw a lot from psychology and even transpersonalism. With archetypes, I think, Jung led a cultural movement in starting to bring the globe together in a foundational (archetypal) way – as did Alan Watts. Aqui, your whole blog is about the hidden stuff. While you started writing about Greek myths you've always incorporated arts and more. I love that!!! And; audacity! La Audacia de Aquiles | "El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto" — right away: I knew we'd get along 🙂

      Sending lots of love and joy back to you ❤ So grateful for our connection and I have been enjoying our interactions. xo Ka

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