Smile :) Inspiration


The moon high up upon heaven
Lights devotee’s path
A globe of knowing reflection
Faceless opening, light upon light
Sets the gentle night

Full moon,
Your edges are already rounded
Your brightness leaks
into the black-blue sky
lighting the path for crickets
People gaze up at you and point, Look!
while taking out their trash

*Please see the above link. It’s a beautiful song written and sung by a woman who, in the process of her musical training, went deaf due to a connective tissue disorder.

full_moon_view_from_munich_germany *this photo is not one of my own its from wikicommons, a free media stock photo.

34 thoughts on “Smile :) Inspiration

  1. I am smiling through tears at the moment Ka.. As I listen to this wonderful voice sing this beautiful song.. Many thanks for your words and wishing you a A wonderful Full Moon.. 💕💙😍💖

    1. Hi Linda,
      Yes, a 4th house moon in tropical Placidus will put your moon all snuggled up in its house-ruled domicile. Hope you are enjoying Mars transit in Cancer as well. I know Mars can be all sorts of things. As your natal Mars is on my Moon. 🙂 I love us.
      Love back,

  2. Love this poem, Ka! There have been many winter mornings when the moon has shown down upon me while I dragged the trash to the curb. Thank you for the reminder that each moment is held by holiness…


    1. Hi Michael,
      Dragged the trash to the curb? 🙂 Yes! We had some neighbors who looked “moon drunk” (or from dinner and dining with spirits) who were putting their trash out in the evening. You know what? I like to keep my poems a mystery. So, this mystery still is…. one of those neighbors made a joke that they should join everyone else in the neighborhood who appeared to be walking at the same time. Yes, it did look like a number of us were out walking – at the same time! Not only at the same time, but in the same direction!
      Peace and Love, Ka

  3. Beautiful things can happen when you take out the trash. 🙂 Thank you for the moving video of Mandy Harvey. Her voice and her message are full of hope.

    1. Yes – I’m so glad that you liked this video and what she said and her voice. I think the true inspiration is not knowing ‘how’ and just something motivates us on….
      Ah, yes, the trash…. it’s a thing we gotta do, and then we gotta find something other than landfills. So much on the global ‘to do’ list. Love you JoAnna! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh Ka! I saw Mandy from your video perform recently on America’s Got Talent and found her to be truly amazing. Your tribute here is a beautiful accompaniment to her touching story ♥

  5. Incredible inspiration, dear Ka! Your words, photo, and the beautiful song are just what I needed in this moment and I am so grateful. Many blessings to you sweet beautiful soul ❤ ❤

    1. Dearest Lorrie,
      Your comment means so so much to me. Following a jam-packed busy day yesterday when I worked through all my breaks – getting a message like this from you – makes a **huge** difference in my life. I am SO GLAD that you got something from this post.
      Many blessings right back to you, dear!!! xoxo Ka

      1. We are so loved! Each moment that we kindle this response in one another – connected across space and time! Where we who have gathered together… can be here for one another, and see, “all is well,” in the midst of our worthy struggles – ❤ Thank you! _/1\_

      2. Our “worthy struggles”…so beautiful…and so true, Ka. I’m so grateful for our connection and i can feel your love radiate across the miles 💜

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