Reflecting on Autumn’s Past

It’s the turn of the year again, soonish
and I’m anticipating another very busy schedule,
at least that’s what I’ve signed up for.

I still try to visit blogs as much as possible,
and will focus in on my current blogger book list.

Those that I’ve invested already in.

While I get things together at home, and find myself,
my attention is turned to this wonderful Virgo Sun.
She draws me back into my Earthly needs,
to soothe and to fix, to sort and to order.

Self-care and loving center hearth’s embrace.

Mr. Ka’s most repeated quote to say is, “After ecstasy, laundry.”
Mine is, “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

Even after the epic eclipse period, we have a continued planetary presence of Sun and Mercury in Virgo with Mercury still retrograde, while Mars conjoins the North node in Leo. Mars has featured very strongly in this recent time period, and as we look inwardly to where we can make the difference in our own lives, and bring about our greatest active compassion closest to home, we can learn a lot from these transits, while also keeping some forward gaze, realizing that the planetary weather, is just weather, and there’s certainly been a bit of planetary “hot air” πŸ˜‰

Here’s a collection of photos from our Autumn’s past, all photos by me, except for the one of me. Courtesy of Mr. Ka ❀
mossy heart.jpg


26 thoughts on “Reflecting on Autumn’s Past

  1. Ah! Ka…it is so hard to believe that we find ourselves on the cusp of autum! Time is moving exceptionally fast and as we head to this time…a time that has always had a certain melancholy for me…I stop and reflect on all that is going on in our world and I Pray!
    I love the photo of you!! Sweet blessings to you, my friend. As you move into this time I hope you are surrounded by love ❀

    1. Hi Lorrie!
      I feel so incredibly grateful! The crispness of autumn (as we approach another heat wave here) is something that I can celebrate despite what the conditions actually are, weather-wise. The trend is toward autumn. I think autumn brings up melancholy for a lot of people, and I think we often traditionally use it as a releasing period. I think we can do this beautifully and meaningfully and give full expression to our deep love, and yes: pray. My heart and thoughts have been with Texas and Houston, for my friends and loved ones as well as those whom I do not know. I am grateful for your kind and loving words here, Lorrie. I appreciate your supporting thoughts, and hope to make this autumn my most celebrated yet, and by celebrate: I mean peaceful and calm, and filling my senses with all the experiences. May you, also, be surrounded by love this season ❀ and every day!
      Love, Ka

      1. Your soul is so beautiful and it shines so brightly through your words! I am grateful for our connection…I truly feel Blessitude to have you in my life.
        I agree…and I do pray. I have been more aware to make sure I pray…really pray…throughout every single day…not just the times when I think I need help.
        Your loving spirit feels so beautiful to connect to. May your autumn be all you anticipate and may you always shine bright ❀ ❀

      2. Lorrie ❀
        It's so important, I think to keep an ongoing two-way connection with the divine in the presence of our being-ness. I think people across the lands do this differently but similarly we keep that reverence and appreciation for all that we experience in this life in our relationship with the beyond us and in connectedness within us ❀ I built my new drum over the weekend, and today, she sang for the first time. I played before my clinic shift and tapped into the needs of the moment. I am thinking of you Lorrie, very aware of the current weather, and I am so glad and thankful that we have connected here on WP ❀ You are a kindred spirit. Thinking of you with love, and sending all my good wishes,

      3. Thank you so much, Ka…for EVERYTHING! We were supposed to drive back to Florida tomorrow morning…needless to say we cancelled our trip. Prayers are so needed…if the monster of a storm rips up the center of Florida…im just not sure how much of it will be left! I pray that people leave…but so many stay because they have nowhere to go…wish I could take them all in! And all of this after Harvey destroyed Texas! I also saw there is a storm behind Irma! It would seem the earth feels all of the discord of her people!

        Would love to hear your drum sing, Ka!! And thank you so much for the shout out on twitter…will be over soon to connect.

        Peace and Love, my friend! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I hope you have an awesome autumn, busy though it may be.
    Thanks for the good planetary weather report.
    Big love and hug, Ka. Big.

  3. I love these earthy images and the deep comfort in these lines that feel like coming home: “She draws me back into my Earthly needs, to soothe and to fix, to sort and to order. Self-care and loving center hearth’s embrace.”

    1. Yes, Christy! We are so near. πŸ™‚

      I’ve barely put a dent in my book reading but I’ve managed to add many more books to my read list! I’m moving along happily like a snail. Thank you for compliments to Mr. Ka! He’s got a good eye! 2 of em’ πŸ˜‰

      Looking forward to seeing what you are up to, and my class was canceled today, so I lucked out! I’m just glad when I make it to all my clinic shifts feeling healthy and ready to be of service!

      Aloha sweet Christy! See you soon! Xo

  4. Time stands still for no one.. πŸ™‚ and keeps moving us along.. Enjoy your time dear Ka.. Loved all your photos and quotes.. And yes may this time be reflective as the planets shift us up another gear..
    Love and Blessings and I so thank you Ka for you friendship and taking the time to visit.. So appreciated.. Love Sue ❀

    1. Hi πŸ‘‹ Sue!
      You weren’t kidding when you said, “time waits for no one,” but since me and time have an arrangement… a magical and co-creative one, I’ve managed to get a lucky moment or two on my behalf to respond in kind. I look forward to visiting you shortly, once again!
      Hugs, Ka

      1. Hi Ka.. so happy you managed to ‘Bend’ time a little.. Its always lovely to receive your replies, and I hope ‘Time’ is spinning productive webs for you to weave even more magical things into your days..
        Love and Blessings..
        Sue πŸ™‚

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