Benison: Shells are for Growing in.

When we try to “do it all” we grow more, so that we can do more. I’ve spent most of my life outside of my comfort zone. I write publicly, I published a personal book of poetry, which is still available for purchase here. You can buy it, read it, and add your own review. I’ve studied anthropology to learn about different cultures, so that I could make sense of peace and how and why sometimes it doesn’t happen. I’ve traveled to places where I didn’t feel comfortable. I’ve moved a lot, and sometimes into situations that didn’t feel comfortable. I’ve somehow managed to survive discomfort.

Here’s what’s what:

I’m not going to let go of my blog, because I can’t reciprocate by visiting all of your blogs, and showing my interest (even though I am interested!); but in the spirit of the season, I’ve had some sniffles and some aches, and I’m letting go of all of that which does not serve me. I’ve had to miss class for the first time. So, what is happening, is that I’m graduating into a more realistic version of myself – here’s what I can do, and let it be for me, what I can do for me. Because without ‘me,’ I am no good for anybody.

That said, I titled my picture below: “Shells are for Growing In”


I earned my shell, as much as my wings.

Using bibliomancy, I opened up 2 days ago, to this particularly apt passage from my favorite Rumi book, gifted to me from an old friend who “left my current reality” years ago, when he became a Buddhist monk. My friend and I shared a close friendship, and right when he was at the gateway to his “new life,” he turned back to me and said to me in a letter, “Thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart.” Greg L. Those words were the magic words that let me know: I had been doing a good job.

Happy Virgo New Moon- and now for RUMI, before I run off to do many more things, some things just unjoyful busywork, for now:

Dear Readers, collectively, thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart.

Without further ado, words from the ever popular and magnificent Rumi:


A human being being human, out of breath,
burns the strangers to ash,
and breathes deeper.

Completely gone, the new moon
is able then to become the new moon.

Autumn anger turns wistful in early spring.
Language-headaches smoothe their brows.

Let the military hero fight barehanded
with lions and elephants.

When you drift up, remember: Fold in on yourself
as clouds do to open downward
their water bags of rain.

19 thoughts on “Benison: Shells are for Growing in.

  1. Hey Ka, Namaste πŸ™‚

    I am blown away by the energy radiating outwards from a central point deep inside of you! Wow! Talk about shining! I need shades πŸ™‚ Go You! Grow You! Awesome! πŸ™‚

    Brightest Blessing Lady Ka Malana, Best wishes, Peace and Prosperity, and a big shout-out to Mr. Ka, the wizard behind the great woman that you are! Good Luck with metamorphosis! bwahahaha! πŸ™‚


      1. Indeed dear Ka….you will enjoy surrendering to the sweet euphoria of being rapidly sliced, diced, slit slashed, cut, dashed, slivered, spliced, scuttled, scurried and made sushi by Lady Cuttlefish (symbolic look it up), and then left to heal in the warmth of the Sun and have pretty new wings harden. You’ll cry, you’ll weep, tears of release and freedom, but it will be worth it πŸ™‚ Bwahahahaha πŸ˜‰

        See you on the other-side πŸ™‚

        God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. Ah, I see. πŸ™‚

        You wrote: ‘So, what is happening, is that I’m graduating into a more realistic version of myself – here’s what I can do, and let it be for me, what I can do for me. Because without β€˜me,’ I am no good for anybody.

        That said, I titled my picture below: β€œShells are for Growing In”

        So my reply suggests at what is going to occur within you when you hide away inside the Shell you foreground and find ‘a more realistic version of you’. What I suggest at is transformation and metamorphosis within your ‘shell’ whilst Lady Cuttlefish symbolically slices and dices facets of the inner you so as to: realign aspects of mind, body, soul, spirit, and ultimately the flesh. to determine a new balance in life. I don’t think one can embrace the totality of the new ‘me’ unless one rearranges oneself to discard the old, accommodate and absorb new ‘prima materia’ and become golden. Lady Cuttlefish polarises Light that is what this sea-creature does. Exchange the word Light for any aspect or facet of yourself you choose to focus on and during your time in the shell, Lady Cuttlefish will slice the old away, splice in the new, and polarise your focus on the new you.

        Lady Cuttlefish, she is beautiful a symbol. Curiously I had a Rainbow coloured Cuttlefish bean bag soft toy arrive in my life about a week ago. She brought that blissful savagery to me, and so I thought I’d invite you to welcome Lady Cuttlefish s well as you head into the Shell. Good luck, bon voyage. Have a box of tissues nearby πŸ˜‰

        Love and Brightest Blessings.

        God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚


      3. I see now… for me “have at it” is the universe’s appeal to new formats for self.

        It’s just amusing to me that you have this strong sense of what either ‘I am doing now’ or will be doing πŸ™‚ or even this strong suggestion. I do think your metaphor is nice, and I wish you the best with Lady Cuttlefish yourself! Quite happy for you, really.

        We are so fortunate to be able to entertain ourselves with our own transformation and balancing processes. Thank you for elaborating! Best bright Blessings friend Dewin! May we encounter this process many times over!

      4. πŸ™‚ You will come to love Lady Cuttlefish…her Magic is worth the inner-work Ka. You will be re-profiled, upgraded and enhanced as a as a result. It is blissful Ka, tears of surrender and release.

        You’d be surprised at what Dewin sees in his Scrying Ball, when he takes a peak into the spaces between people’s words…for that is where the liminal is, and where the essence of the author lingers long after the blog is posted πŸ™‚ I think you and I have always had a connection: I have mentioned this before, and thanked you as well for your accurate perspectives on me. That is what ‘energetic non-verbal communication’ is all about. One just has to focus one’s thoughts to a point of light and then use it as a flashlight to see into the darkness of space between the words of a Blog post. The sweetest secrets are always found in the darkest places – not dark as in wicked, but dark as in ‘tucked away, concealed temporarily from view’ ect. You know what I mean: it’s what you do as a healing practioner when taking a holistic approach to healing another πŸ™‚

        We are all creative people Ka who experience the totality of ourselves in everything we do and express ourselves powerfully through the imagination, finding words, symbols and similes to describe events beyond the beyond….yet events that are archetypal experiences occurring within us all. After-all we all grow, change, transform, develop, and evolve periodically throughout our lives. I find these cycles suit either a 5 or 7 year format within me, and each time there is a change within it is quite traumatic, but blissfully sweet and saccharine.

        Hoping you and Mr Ka are both well and flourishing in the late Summer sunshine. Take care in all ways always.

        God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Ka,
    I really enjoy hearing you speak your truth with such clarity. Bravo!!! I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. Most of us ( myself included) abhor discomfort. How interesting about why you pursued anthropology and partial? prompt for all your awesome travels. I love learning more about you. I also respect the parts of you that remain in Moon in Cancer mode, until further notice,

    love, Linda

    PS Great picture and there is always rum for Rumi πŸ™‚

    1. You have no idea how much I want to get to READ the book of yours that I ordered and is sitting on my iPad, Loving Lady Lazuli; I really enjoyed the Unraveling of Lady Fury. In the meantime, I am enjoying all the reading I get to, when I get to it. πŸ™‚ I adore that you are here, thank you Shey! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Maybe to become a faster, deeper reader – that’s the order I’ll put in! :-*

  3. Hello beautiful soul πŸ’› Thanks for the gift of Rumi…and the gift of YOU!! I,too, loved hearing a little more about you…and I also understand how when we spread ourselves so thin we are not truly present anywhere. So go fly…go explore…go BE!! Much love to youβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! This blog is my comfy shell, it brings me even more peace, and I am here to stay!!! πŸ’— Yes, I’m working on spreading myself more evenly across the planes of my multi-dimensional existence! There’s excitement in this… and very much a need to rest, also. I think I’ll catch up with what I need along the way. I have my meditation and other practices to rely on. Though the journey gets weary at times, I have the best of friends like you! πŸ’›

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