November swirls

a single leaf falls
from autumn’s hour,
and decorates the parking lot floor,
from here we are swept into another world

img_1363Tracing the lines of the leaf to the contours of the wall,
a painted circle on the wall emerges.


We feel the universe begin to sparkle, and to share her secrets.

“gravity propagates at the speed of light”
Einstein was right!

I read it in a new article…


Purple and orange sunset swirl
the light goes down like a sunken pearl
oncoming night, fills us with delight
dreams, upon freer nite
as real as an untethered kite.

fantastic and true, as my maple spiced beverage!
Drowning in full chromatic hue…


Images and words by Ka Malana 🐑2017

22 thoughts on “November swirls

  1. Beauty in every line and every brush stroke Ka.. and a timely piece as I take time out this week to pursue my own art creations.. Have a Joyous week my friend.. and so loved your autumn poem.. xxx

    1. Thank you, Sue. I photographed this mural image; I don’t know the artist – but really appreciated seeing and coming across it, as you can see from my words! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and lots of time to pursue all that you love in your art creations! I look forward to the day where I can paint again, but know that all things will come…. xo Aloha

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