lost and found whisper

i found my whisper
in the fuzz of my left pocket

this whole time she was
chilling with polly pocket
in her tiny mansion
in the fuzz of my left pocket

the whisper, she is
delicate and beautiful, as always
with a smile full of pink cotton candy
from the fuzz of my left pocket

i thought i was alone

but the friendly whisper
returned and brought with her a little
star that only i could see.

she told me that she can transmigrate
to any pocket i am wearing, on any given
day, even to that dress i wear with no pocket,
she will be waiting for me
in polly pocket’s
decked out mansion,

if ever, i should need her.

Ka Malana Β©2018

31 thoughts on “lost and found whisper

      1. transmigrating sometimes pink fuzzy whispers, yes Ka! thank you for penning out pockets . . . they’re funny-fun little places aren’t they … sometimes i’ve found a few nuts and aqua bits of twine that went a-sailing from holey jean pockets. . . have returned to this poem and enjoyed it a few times, it’s especially delicious read aloud πŸŒΈπŸ™πŸΌ

  1. I love it. ❀

    Imagine my surprise when I visit and see a lizard as your pic. Why? Because I am recently fascinated by small lizards and geckos. I even went to the lizard store to look at them, some also in the yard. So, what is the story behind the pic? You are Scorpio too, right? Is there something with us and lizards recently? lol

    Love the poem & you ❀


    1. Helloo Sindy!

      So glad you can enjoy the he/she gecko here at the temple. In April, I returned after 7 years to the island of Kauai where I brought my husband for his first time on the island, and special locations, including this one: Lawaii International Center http://lawaicenter.org/ It was this place in 2011 (shortly after starting Fiestaestrellas.com and my online astrological sharings) that I sat and meditated and “leapt onto this current timeless timeline.” (As I best understand it at present.) This cute little gecko wanted to be a part of things, and this temple-land and all of its cycles has always been a part of things, from the Hawaiian (Lawaii means Turtle) to the immigrant families to its current incarnation of assemblage of all. We are currently still living and understanding the story. Anyways, we (us) did another (me) pilgrimage to the tiny 88 shrines… (see previous link).

      My sun is in Leo but my Aquarius ascendant ruler is in Scorpio – and I always get a long with Scorpios (most signs – because i am an astrologer, I love them all, yo! oh, and just because). Also, I have a lot of Mars/Pluto in my 8th house. Lots of Scorpio energy, linked up to my Mercury, etc. etc. Whoosh!

      I think that the Scorpio is getting a “raise” or “boost” from the energy of Uranus in Taurus transit. With the lizard and gecko – there’s an agility – and i think it’s helping with the combo of Uranus (electricity, Shazam!) in the sign of Earthy, slow-moving, manageable Taurus. So, i think it’s a balancing medicine.

      Lots of love back,

      1. I think I still have your chart saved in one of my apps πŸ™‚ I remember some of the specs but didn’t remember the Scorpio moon! Love that Scorpio moon and a Sun/Moon conjunction? Are they within a 6 degree orb?

        I think the Leo Sun, Scorpio Sun square is a dynamic energy. I quite like it! It’s fun, and fresh, and always transforming and sometimes (ok often) dramatic! Lots of Leos in your life would be filling in your 7th house of partnerships (with Aquarius Ascendant) which includes close friendships and one-on-one. I hope your cute gecko and you find each other soon! Their tails are so curious… I enjoy the way the geckos move, and they are just so cool! πŸ™‚

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