Who will Love this slug?


Back when I was an aspiring photographer and taking a photography class in college – I went out at night with my special camera 📷 filled with 35mm film.

i was enchanted by this slug and so “framed” it in this thoughtful composition, as “going to the light.”

Little did I know, I was preparing a gift for my photography teacher who gasped, “I love slugs!”

Thanks for inspiring this post via comment conversation – Sue Dreamwalker!

We both know the power and mystery of animal medicine.

*this is a photograph of a photograph that I processed myself in the darkroom back in the day. There is no orange hue in the actual image. This was posted as such for the sake of expediency, ironically.

*more photos in the queue and I’ll be updating my cooking blog…. potentially.

Happy Day loves 💕🐌

Slug love

Recent Yod pointing to Saturn (the “slow”)

15 thoughts on “Who will Love this slug?

  1. Life never ceases to amaze how we are all of us threads, like the trails the slugs leave.. Each one criss-crossing the other, touching lives.

    Loved your excellent photo Ka.. And So see why you named this photo ‘Going to the Light’

    While I respect all living things, I never kill a slug, and if I find one, I place them elsewhere, They usually crawl back.. But I do ask the Deva Kingdom to let them spare my Veggies and Flowers.. But then again if we look at it another way, Am I not planting food for their survival? And is not the Flower giving up its life so I may see its beauty indoors when I pick it?
    All Wheels within Wheels as we keep on turning,, each supporting the other.. Large and Small..

    Which when you begin to see the intricacies of life you begin to appreciate Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails.. 🙂

    Love and Mega Hugs Ka.. So good our conversation sparked more ‘Light’ 🙂 ❤

  2. Hi Sue,

    I like your questions here, and I do not propose any answers, definitively. I do enjoy good questions. Entreating the Deva Kingdom is indeed a good idea, as we harmonize with the spirit of all things. Our relationships are ever-connecting, growing, and re-vitalizing. Truly, yes… we may never know exactly how we are intersecting, but indeed we are ~ and we do ~ ❤ So glad about it. So glad for the wisdom of the slug, who teaches by existing!

    Thank you for your friendship dear sister.

    P.S. At the time I had not officially named the photo… I was never really particularly good at "this is finished" type of presentation. The image was not displayed in a gallery (or was it? I don't remember), and no one ever considered buying it (well maybe my teacher, but I may have given her a print); regardless its value was so clear to me – and since our conversation- still is! I wonder if I have the negative floating around – probably not!

    Did you know that I've been seeing lots of puppy dogs while out and about on my roller skates? – had one particular border collie playfully land in my lap.

    Here's to veggies and flowers! Those hedgehogs. I'll be over and we can eat!

    1. I did not see your reply comment in my notifications Ka.. apologies on that seems WP since the new alterations on GDPR with added notice bars, I have had a few disconnects with replies from various bloggers .. So Hope they sort out the problems soon.
      Sending HUGS your way.. And wonderful you are seeing playful puppies xx ❤

  3. A couple of days ago, we were on our way out when I saw large snail climbing up my door. Maybe I should have left it there, but I felt compelled to move it to a nearby log bordering my ivy jungle. It was beautiful and seemed happy to climb on my hand and so sticky, it was hard to get off of my hand to put it on the log. I had to be gentle. Wish I’d taken a picture.

  4. Yes, Ka! We touch each other in expected and unexpected ways. I wonder how many people really think about the way we touch another’s life. There have been a few movies (can’t remember which ones) that have touched upon chance meetings…passing someone in life and having an impact that we are completely unaware of. I think about this a lot lately. I try to be conscious to the footprint I leave in my connection with others, though not always successful.
    Sending beautiful love energy to you ❤

    1. Yes, Lorrie! I love to meditate on this one. There’s a certain level of non-attachment that begs us to wonder with curiosity and gentle holding of each other and the letting go, that way we all have space to follow-flow in the direction of these chance meetings and have more and more of them, living in the knowledge that no one is really a stranger. It reminds of that connectedness that exists despite or because of all our efforts, one way or another, we are on the same road. We really don’t know our impact in most cases. By the way, I think you have a wonderful footprint! 🙂 So thank you so for your efforts and easings! 🙂 Grateful for your thoughts, reflections, always and – yes – this is a favorite theme for me and movies!

      1. Thank you beautiful Ka! We truly are on the same road…perhaps at different times…connected…always connected.
        I am grateful that I see you on this journey 💜

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