Journey of HEALING begins JUNE 6

Wanting to bring to your attention a blogger whose blog I’ve been participating in whatever capacity as I come and go for a couple years now, and wanting to support her in her journey of consistently and upwardly spiraling…. to be a consistent presence as she offers the same.

It is a joy to have a moment’s pause to share about her upcoming journey of healing for all are welcome. Often Susan’s journeys match the astrological “chemistry” as the journey of worth – 40 days – has ended. The Sun, Mercury, and Uranus by a greater energetic shift, has been bringing a lot of energy into the sign of Taurus, “Worth.”

Soon the journey of Healing is taking place/ “being supported” – you can read about it on her blog, along with the explanation for what her journeys do. I’m simply highlighting the astrological correspondence. By month’s end, we’ll have some planetary energy shifts Sun (21st) Mercury (13th) into the sign of Cancer and will be in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. There’s lots of healing support as all move through it!

This can be a wonderful and gentle process as we are all moving ever more into our greater clarity!


Journey of Healing is the fourth of 14 Journeys that comprise the upward spiral Journey of the Soul, reconnecting a person with their heart, soul, Inner Divine Self. Each of the 14 Journeys is a way to explore your relationship with yourself, through a particular aspect (the topic of each Journey). The Journey-sequence is designed with a two-prong approach: to deconstruct the obstacles and barriers that a person has to their relationship with their Inner Divine, while supporting and strengthening that relationship.

Individually, and collectively, the purpose of the Journeys is to shift the consciousness of all of humanity from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of Oneness.

The cycle begins with Journey of the Heart, the home of the Divine Flame. We fan that spark, so that all subsequent Journeys are imbued with its light. Once centered in the heart, the second Journey explores purpose–the “why am…

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5 thoughts on “Journey of HEALING begins JUNE 6

  1. Ka! Thank you for this! For about the past 8 months (since the eclipse, and our session!), I’ve been “feeling like” the Journeys correspond *amazingly* with the astrological goings-on, and your confirmation really feels validating. Thanks SO much for your support, and for being you. ❤

    1. I agree, Inese!
      Thank you for coming by and taking a look 👀- 🐢🌱🌷 and enjoying the loveliness of art-making and teaching and living and loving in nature! This is great freedom! 🌟 👩‍🎨 Good Earth 🌏 to play and share in!

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