Rain falls

drops easily fall from the heavy sky
in 360 surround sound
i’ve been waiting in this dark n’ quiet
corner, soaking up the peacefulness of
solitude in the midst of the
busy, moving, bustling life around me,

like the rain drops, I am released.

free to roam the ground and be as
petrichor, free as
any particle moves about from the
forces it is a part of,
free from mind or duty,
free from need to craft a vision,
of peace and calm, or growth
and creation.


it’s all already been done,

and the show I’m watching is the best show on Earth,
and from it can see Mars,
the expanding universe,
and feel the tiny little presence
that silently awaits its own journey of release.

18 thoughts on “Rain falls

  1. Beautiful… is the poem.. as is the life giving rain… Its rained here three days solid.. Howling winds.. as Storm Diana travels across the UK.
    Water always finds its own level.. Its own flow, its own pace.. with the terrain it traverses… So keep going within that flow Ka.. For all is well in your world..

    LOVE and BLESSINGS my friend ❤

    1. Thank you for this meditation on water 💧
      There’s more to come here this week, maybe hail this time, and I will be busy during it, so will try and capture what impressions and whispers I can .I imagine your Diana sent UK lots to work with 🙂 and who knows how the wind is blowing now.

      Thank you for your compliments on my poem, each day, I flow…. like water. 💗 love and blessings returned to you….

  2. Ah the power of stillness mixed with the earthy excitement of petrichor…. I love how this poem flows from raindrops and particles to the expanding universe and back again – releasing like a deep sigh.

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