Friends are lifting me up

it wasn’t long ago that I realized
that anything I had to offer anyone
was incidental.

try and try as I may, my contributions
and service always fell short of
my soul’s intention.

too much struggle in my own efforts
and not enough levity in my heart,
what can I give from that place,
but my emptiness?

my impact and influence on those around
me have been not the real way to be
a blessing, as my experience would show me:

being helped,
being lifted,
bringing that smile to others
who are there for me,
that’s the true joy I see in their eyes-

when they feel like they did something
good and their gifts were received.

when I want to “do” for others
it is when I find myself the
most “needing,” it’s like that,
unfortunately and yet innately
fair to recognize that

it’s an honest human equality,
it’s my truth…

allowing another’s love,
their efforts, their caring
to be heard, seen, respected,

receiving love, blessings, grace…
surrendering with gratitude to the goodness of others…

Grateful for so many
in-tune people to share this
adventure with

21 thoughts on “Friends are lifting me up

  1. Talk about powerful ending quotes! This is so affirming. Most of my life has been spent trying to help others, so sometimes I feel guilty in stepping back and focusing on my own needs, my own growth. But mostly it feels good and authentic.

  2. You know Ka… The more we give, the more we receive… I was listening to ‘The Power of Eight ‘ introduction I am asking Father Christmas to bring me this book.. 🙂
    I feel we are all of us who have connected here in WP Ka are gathering our energies in oneness now.. Sending lots of love your way my friend.. ❤

    1. Yes, Sue… writers, authors, poets, artists, shamans, yogis, healers of all types, freedom lovers are all joining in together in many communities. I’m honored to be the tiniest dot in so many of such gatherings, including the WP network of friends. Each one unique as to the other, all connected, all peoples connected. I also enjoy those one-to-one relationships in my daily life that help begin many sparks and are so precious to me. You know, Sue…. friends lift friends up all the time… giving and receiving as one unit. Consciousness is moving all the time! Now! How about this 8? What an interesting video. I had a book of Lynne McTaggart’s called The Bond and I had it almost a decade ago. Never got around to reading it and gave it away….in fact the book was published the month after I started my blog here, March 2011. I hope you get to read the books you are interesting in… and write whatever ones you are inspired to write!
      Big blessings to you my Friend – in celebration of gratitude and all the abdunance available to us to share. 💖 Thank you for your sharing your love however it manifests…. in silence in voice in peace in joy. Aloha 🙂 so glad those meditations filled you up with so much of your own inner peace ✌️

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