Mercury direct station and the New Moon in Sagittarius, reflections

Deep gratitude for this life that I am living and all the ways that I can experience it and share it with others. I am grateful for this blog and my wonderful followers and supporters. has grown the most in the last couple of years with my book publication in 2017, and continued poetry in 2018! You all who visit here and stick around, inspire me so much! Thank you, Mahalo! Each new face and energy here is just so beautiful and precious, and I am grateful for your continuous support and encouragement!

With the transiting Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, my astrological 10th house of reputation and role in community is all lit up, like a tree with a tiny, bright star at the top. I have some hope. Let’s put it that way.

Some reflections, inspired by recent and almost over Mercury and Venus transits (and shadows):

I haven’t been writing about astrology on my blog, when that was its original intention: “Fiestaestrellas,” celebrates the stars (and all along I really meant “celebrate life.” It’s so much a part of my life, continue with my NCGR group (and other local groups) and my daily meditations, but I’ve been enjoying celebrating poetry when it flows into this space. It’s a more open format that I enjoy, and enjoyment is the focus; it helps me cultivate all the things.

Originally I started my blog to be informative, sharing from my own experience and collected observations in conjunction with some collated information, and to meet people who I could serve, but over time I saw how wonderful all the other transmitters of information around me were on the same topic (and growing!), and I didn’t want to even try to compete! So, I let it go. I had other areas of expression that felt more productive and readily accessible (to harvest), while I couldn’t make it the focus it needed to be, in order to do it right! I think that was actually a good decision; and growing through the sharing of others, meanwhile, has been internally very nurturing. I’ve been under a lot of development! Yay!

Working with my patients in East Asian Medicine (acupuncture, etc) and continuous training in other styles of Shamanic practices, working with many teachers on different planes…plants, elements, etc.. from different lineages, being a member of groups of shamanic practitioners, developing friendships in my various fields of professional activities, and being an ordinary person, it’s really shown me all my deeper challenges end up being around business and business communication – I have strong desire to be in the most seamless flow around business and energy exchange. I am not alone, no one loves this area of self-promotion of their products and services as far as I know, and it’s nice when we can focus on the stuff that matters. Lots of cleverness and talent can be seen in people who navigate these activities with such ease! I’m always impressed by everyone else out there! I am not yet one of them, and despite being “at it” for a long time, I continue to make only “baby step sized” progress, which by the way, can be very cute! A couple of my supervisors’ evals praised my rapport-building skills with patients, and I think it’s interesting that it’s what I find the most challenging! It’s easier to see and test the results of the work via communication, and that’s been the most rewarding for me!

As a certain practitioner developing many skill sets at once, I can see this area developing nicely in my world (business/fair exchange) and it’s a relief. I’m really feeling valued! I feel like business will take care of itself, while I can focus on taking care of me and others. I’ve had a steady flow of patients without needing to do anything additional to “bring them in.” That’s a welcome relief. I can trust my journey! My patients have faith in me! I can keep my focus on my journey and not on anything else!

I’ll be working with another Shamanic teacher and being introduced to 3 new groups of plant essences and allies, beginning during this New Moon, today, and for the next several months! Very excited! I can feel excitement of new plant friends and new relationships forming on the horizon.

Left behind forever:

Comparison is an illusion and a thief. I don’t ever have to waste another moment on it, in a way that is not directly enriching and mutually supportive. Some comparison is reasonable and informative, I believe, and developmental. I make my own pace, and I am given so much as a result! Energy gifts come in all forms and I am receiving so much, and still learning how to receive, which has continued to be a challenge for me.

Stories from daily encounters that are cool and inspiring:

These days I’ve been enjoying sharing my daily and personal stories with my nearest and dearest, and elevating those relationships which most feed me in all ways. I appreciate receiving such wonderful feedback and gifts from the heart directly from my patients, and appreciate the supervisors who have given me such wonderful evaluations that I can reflect on during challenging times. I work to become less introverted in my daily life. I’ve had to push through so much worry, doubt, and insecurity. I’m truly a work in progress.

Much Love,


P.S. Big props for people who read my blog post in its entirety, and with interest. I know it’s filled with run-on sentences, and a lot of un-polished-ness, but I wanted to transmit my exuberance. Thank you for all who were able to over-look that! Also, I hope to become a better writer in the future, and in different types of styles. I hope to be able to create more products to share, and be more productive in sharing my value.

28 thoughts on “Mercury direct station and the New Moon in Sagittarius, reflections

  1. This is exactly it! I am getting the taste of that Trust in the process myself. Progress for me too is baby steps – you are right it is cute and often huge for me. I am not yet satisfied with how much work that has come my way and I do not enjoy any other promotional work other than actually doing my work. But I trust I am on my way, being led perfectly. I too am putting effort in connecting with people genuinely. You did transmit your exuberance and your sharing gave me affirmation 🙂

    1. Dear Pragalbha Doshi,
      I always feel your deep listening! I know that you are in the same process, and it makes me feel so full of camaraderie to have your friendship and presence here. We get to celebrate our baby steps! Satisfaction for me comes and goes, and I find it’s all based on my fluctuating perspective, and what I am choosing to witness, at a given time, as evidence for how I am doing. Recognizing that all experiences are subject to change, I find that I can find some satisfaction, only momentarily. I appreciate our intersecting ways so much, and I am heartened to have such great company! Looking forward to seeing you more along the path! Thank you immensely for your loving affirmation!
      Love, Ka

      1. “…and I find it’s all based on my fluctuating perspective, and what I am choosing to witness, at a given time, as evidence for how I am doing.”
        Everything you said in your comment is such perfection and timely for me to read. I too have deep appreciation and respect for when such resonant hearts like ours cross paths. I take it as such a support on the way 🙂 Much Gratitude & Love to you.

  2. Beautiful reflections on your life and on surrendering to life, trusting it will provide all your needs. I do shamanic healing also. It is a gift to myself and all those who say yes! Keep up the great work Ka 💕💚👏

    1. Hi Karen!
      I love how you say this, “ It is a gift to myself and all those who say yes!” This is so true of all healing where we join in that trust and mutual respect for the continuity and support of soul’s life force. It always means a lot to me to hear from you, and I feel so inspired by your path. Always 🌈💗 Ka

  3. Congrats on your personal and professional development Ka. You seem to be in a really good place of trust and flow. I’ve not found my work niche and continue to work in marketing/ sales despite it being a big drain on me. I would love to find work that feels more in alignment with my spirit, passions, and talents.

    1. Thank you, Brad!

      I suppose that I have accomplished a lot of inner work, and that has led to both personal and professional adjustments that are dynamically in a state of continuous improvement. While I still have a vision for a more integrated, wholesome, and a better work flow for myself, I am grateful for the pace I make, along with Spirit’s continuous guidance leading me to this place of dynamic hope.

      I will say for you, with regard to my perspective of your blog: that which I have access to as a reader, you are doing a great job! I think you reach many and you inspire many with your balanced perspective and willingness to be in alignment with your spirit, passions, and talents. You are regular and diligent in your efforts and authenticity. It’s only up to you to decide that for yourself if this is true.

      Also from my perspective, I see your passions and talents as growing and increasing in both your depth and your ability to make your work accessible to others. You also involve your community and showcase the talents of those who you admire in a way that I think is mutual beneficial. My thoughts are: how could you not be headed in the ‘right’ direction with so much of the work that you are doing, while simultaneously creating and discovering your own niche? Your work niche is the one you are currently creating, and I see reason for you to be pleased. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, Brad! May you make unexpectedly pleasant discoveries….

      1. Thank you for your kind perspective Ka. I’m glad you and others find value in my writing and sharing. I believe this is part of my path, but don’t feel the alignment of passion, talent, service and earning a living that is so hard in our culture.

  4. thank you for deeply sharing your strong talents, Ka.
    such a wonderful gift of the universe,
    your ways with yourself
    & as a caring giver.
    i’m happy for you
    that supervisors, teachers & colleagues
    clearly see one they must care for 🙂

    1. Dear David,
      Your support has been incredible, and I can’t thank you enough for your recognition of my efforts and for you delicate observation of me on this blog. I am always delighted by the poetic flow and heartfelt nature of your responses! Have a very blessed week! Aloha 💗 Ka

  5. Whenever I visit your blog dear Ka, I am always enthralled by what ever I am reading. Be it poetry or your insights my friend.
    I can only say that your patients are lucky people to get your care and attention.
    Keep within the flow you are drawn to Ka.. Keep following your heart within these skills and traditions, it is where you are meant to be.

    It is important to learn how to ‘Receive from others.
    I had a wonderful friend who was also a spiritual mentor in my early days of mediumship and learning.
    She gifted me a small eraser which she had spare for my art work. It was only pence in value. Stupidly I said, oh thank you but I have plenty of erasers.
    In her own gentle way she scolded me by saying” you should never turn down a gift that is being given.. It is not the gift you are rejecting, but the giver.. ”
    Those words I still hear within my mind today.

    Ka never change who you are, or your style of communication. You speak from the heart, and that is all that counts..

    Thank you for all you share, and give, We are all of us works in progress, the main thing is to keep progressing the way we wish to, by dreaming into being that which we want to experience..

    Much love dearest Ka.
    In love and Gratitude ❤

    1. Talk about speaking from you heart 🙂 Thank you, Sue!
      I enjoy this story you told me about your eraser gift, and I’m still thinking about it!
      Yes, the joy of giving is something we enjoy and so it’s full-circle to experience all the joys on the spectrum. Your encouragement is always appreciated. I am grateful for your recognizing me in my ways of being me 🙂 I too appreciate your flow!

      Wishing you a most brilliant week ahead! Looking forward to more connecting!
      Aloha ❤

    1. Hi Debra!
      Thanks so much for visiting here 🙂. As we close out this year, 2018, it’s been a very full period or chapter. Each year we set out with intentions and who knows how it will pan out. I am grateful for your presence here. The journey is what it is all about!
      Wishing you a wonderful Solstice and holiday season as well as a bright and joyful New Year in 2019.

      1. Yes, it’s been a year!! Some crazy, some amazing, some mystery…did I tell you that I am studying traditional astrology with Adam Elenbaas? Three classes in and I’m hooked!

        I always feel a connection to you, Ka, and it’s fun to see all of the wonderful things you are up to on FB. Solstice and holiday blessings to you!

      2. Hi Debra, yes, what a year it’s been. There’s always going to be mystery, I think. There’s so much beauty in that. I had not heard from you of your taking up study with Adam Elenbaas, that sounds extremely interesting. I’m sure you’ll have lots to share as you always have very profound ideas. Traditional astrology has been a modern interest and I think there’s a lot of richness of thought and intelligent minds contributing to that field of astrology, such as Chris Brennan and Kelly Surtees… to name a couple of people who I can think of off the top of my head.

        I’m glad that we are connected,
        Debra. Thanks for sharing.

        May you have had (by now) a wonderful Solstice. We are walking the labyrinth today in honor of bringing in the energies of this time.

        With this new year, I am considering making my blog private. It may happen suddenly, but with this Full Moon in Cancer, and a number of shifts in my private life, focusing on supporting myself through my family focus. I’m sure we’ll still find ways to keep in touch. I’m not a big fan of FB so I’m not often on there, maybe at times sporadically but I’m just not a fan of the platform.

        Wishing you a great year ahead with all your visions and plans, and just having an enjoyable time.

        Love, Ka

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