I honor the dark

I honor the dark I walk through
in order to reach the other side.
so many dark roads, cold and gnarly,
so many whispers and whisking suggestions

I celebrate the path of pathlessness
that marks the dark, lonely nights
so I can find the cabin in the woods
with the hearth and those places in me

with undying embers.

I value the strength of the seasons
which mirror the elements that
shape the snow
and give it life.

the breath of crystal
the voice of clarity.

Now I rest and I break from all the
fullness of life, to hear the most silent moment of the darknest night.

I watch it move through me with reverence,
because I understand how it gives birth.



28 thoughts on “I honor the dark

  1. This is a very brilliant and very profound poem! The gems hidden in the depths of the darkness and solitude on that path are incredible my friend. It takes a precious kind of courage to keep the willingness to keep going through! The comfort of the cabin awaits, the clarity becomes our true voice, delight of true joy promised.
    The last lines are truly truly amazing to me.

  2. creekrose

    Deep resonance here Ka, tis a precious poem you’ve shared; in it’s lines I stepped through time with you and was enriched for it, thank you πŸ™πŸΌ

  3. Your poem goes wonderfully with the art, Ka! And I love the feeling of this piece. The sense of walking alone through the forest, a little foreboding, and yet so rich is the arrival by the fire, and the haven of those impermanent moments, steeped in majesty…


    1. Yes Michael, since we are always going through phases of growth and reaching new understanding, each time we encounter the dim indiscernible dark, it feels friendlier, because we’ve come to learn what is on the other side of it!
      Wishing you a Happy Solstice πŸ™‚

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