Sharing abundance

I see abundance in this one flower
who encourages me to sit curbside
and take a moment under the sun
while, She, the Sun, spreads over my shoulders and shows me how i can interpret her Great mother’s whispers.

when goddess and i found one another,
there was no other allegiance to return to. She showed me how her nature is so natural my own, and she made me into her own image, as she knelt beside me, feeling everything I felt through me. i became transparent.

16 thoughts on “Sharing abundance

  1. Your reflections are so honest and encouraging, Ka. I love the feeling of discovering your nature was so easily Her own… There’s something profoundly true about that–about the way Love recognizes in each of us what it so effortlessly is… It invites the feeling of joining, of Oneness, in a simple and beautiful way.

    Hope you’re enjoying some sun this weekend!

  2. Delightful to feel your abundance Ka… life is grand isn’t it❀️ so I’ve caught up on your posts… not sure where I’ve been for so long! Much love and enjoy it all😘

    1. You are so sweet! πŸ’– I feel your wonderful heart β™₯️ and am soooo grateful for your visit here. You spent such quality time and looked at so many posts, I really feel like we spent some genuine time together, and I’m sending you so many hugs, and joy, and excitement 🌸🌸🌸🌸. So Happy!

  3. Ummmmm….delicious! You’ve captured your (and her) spirit with beauty!
    I just know in my heart that you are very aware right now…that your senses are heightened…and that you will be present for the whole experience! That is so beautiful! Sending you lots of love and light, dear Ka. It is always a pleasure to come by and experience your world! ❀

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