24 thoughts on “Unbelievable beauty

      1. Yes, but it’s also just an ordinary route I was on. I hadn’t set aside special time for this beautiful explosion to meet my eyes, but I did stop and pull over to make a moment of it.
        It’s not the desert super bloom, it is by the ocean, amazing contrasts; all this is due to the rain we had gotten last season, even some drizzles today.

        It’s amazing how it smells like Chamomile.

        I’ve not had the time to get out further to the desert to see what’s manifesting out over there, but I’m sure it’s just as phenomenal if not more!

      2. Thanks for the clarification and details Ka. I’ve seen some amazing photos from the desert blooms, and your share is wonderful too. Walking through fields with all those colors and aromas sounds delightful!

  1. i would not have believed
    such a beautiful floral portfolio
    exists, except now having now seen
    it with my own grateful eyes!
    so happy your camera did
    not run out of film ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Those colors are so beautiful – vivid yet soft, and flowers in such abundance. It makes me stop and think about what a special gift wild flowers are.

  3. So beautiful, Ka!! Your first photos of the ducks reminded me of two beauties recently. They visited every day for a swim IN OUR POOL!!
    Sweet blessing to you on this Easter weekend. May beauty always be seen from your eyes…your soul! โค โค

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