For those who have left…

When you came here to be with my friends,
they loved you so much. I feel my friends’ tears hit my sleeves
on my shoulder, and touch my neck.

as I know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … of you have recently lost a VIP

For those who have left, we know that you have found
peace and happiness, in your abode elsewhere, and even while we
can connect with you again when all is ready,
it takes us time to adjust to dimensional
shifts of your body being a different kind of body now.

My friends have loved you in ways you will never know,
or have not yet known while you were in a body,
and your impact has made a mark on them in ways they will
always think of. To say that you are remembered, is an understatement,
and yet it’s true. They walk beside you as you walk beside them.

I’m sorry that you left so early, as for each one of you, we all could have
had more time with you.

May you rest in peace.

9 thoughts on “For those who have left…

  1. We all leave on our designated exit date dearest Ka.. to many of us who remain, it is always far too soon.. But to those who have gone before them, I am sure their arrival is looked forward to, with great anticipation. As they re-unite once more into that Eternal everlasting bond of love..

    Beautifully scripted Ka.. ❤ and a loving tribute to all who travel before us.. ❤

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