My unborn love

she grows and glows inside me
like a beacon of possibility

her magic is rare
and stronger than any force
ive ever known

tiny bones and muscles
gain strength and potential

she exercises,

in all the ways she exercises,

and I’m beyond,
most days

to match my feelings with words
or write what wonder
is happening

anywhere, the space of my womb
it is happening, communicating
as a mini sub-station,
surreal connection
between worlds
touching beyond the veil

she is becoming more
every day
essentially me,
and differentiating

and I Dream most now of her voice
as I hear it begin to emerge
as I’m given glimpses ahead

my heart guides us
to our communion day

Poetry rights 2019 Ka Malana

26 thoughts on “My unborn love

  1. What a beautiful bond of love you have expressed here dear Ka.. One that will grow and keep growing.. Congratulations dearest Ka… May you both be blessed with Love, Health and Grace..
    So Happy for you.. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this excitement! I wanted to honor these moments with a poem, and the poem also wanted to write itself. I felt like I was writing it with her 😉 and the stretching and changing has been literal, but it will certainly become more figurative over time! Who knew how strong she would be?!

      1. Writing it with her! You are bringing back memories of awe in my own pregnancies and motherhood. I was not much into babies before that. It was like giving birth opened a door to a whole new dimension.

  2. Ah! I can feel the beauty growing inside you!! Your words are amazing and I just knew in my bones that this experience was going to be a conduit for all that is beautiful…all that is love…and that you would take to it…and revel in it…and be able to express the Magnificence of Creation!! Blessitude, my friend. Blessitude! ❤

      1. Sweet blessings, dear La! Have a fantastic weekend😁 The weather looks good for me to take my paddle board in the ocean tomorrow morning! I’m so excited😁💜☀️🌻

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