unafraid to stand alone

In this life,
we might be terrified.

we might feel alone,
though we are not.

we must work every day
to give ourselves enough space,

to be who we are. however we are,

“dark” or “light” or the huge gamut spanning between

even if not one single person
feels that what we offer is valuable,
important, or worthy.

we are worthy. this is inherent.

each and every one of us,
and we don’t need any proof of our

this is not a poem,
but a message.

do not give up.
you are making a contribution,

every. day.

30 thoughts on “unafraid to stand alone

      1. aw ❀ you are incredibly sweet! thank you for saying that. it touched a special place in my heart. i love the things you post and feel you speak heart truth, which is the best! so much love to you

  1. Such a beautiful message Ka.. I think more and more now realise we are not alone… But the need to stand up and be counted is needed, so that others may also have the courage to stand unafraid.. We are Worthy… So true. ❀

    1. Yes, Sue! we have to talk and express even when it appears to be disagreement. We have to honor that inner voice and share it, there are changes in our minds and that’s okay – communication is important for new creation, and new inventions. Thank you my friend! there are so many ways in which we are actually unalone. We need to find in ourselves the courage to stand even when we believe (and feel) that we are alone. We ARE worthy!

      1. Exactly that Ka… Some one commented upon my blog the other month after I had said I had thought to delete my blog.. A passing moment, I took time to think deeper on.. But two people came forward privately to state how much my blog had helped them.. For That I was grateful, and so it may appear our voice is only a small voice in our corner of the world.. But if we just help another to find theirs, and so on and so on.. Together we unite and we find once united we are stronger than ever..
        And yes WE are more than worthy my friend .. Thank you Ka.. ❀

      2. Yes, Sue…
        So many people benefit from you, your words, your experiences, paintings, and wisdom… So glad that you had received the reinforcement for your not-aloneness, and even more-so, your having been put in direct touch with your strength and ability to choose for you. xo Happy New Moon 🌚! πŸŒ› in Taurus 🎈🌠

  2. The most wonderful message that everyone needs to hear at one time or another! Thank you, beautiful Ka!! I think of you often and KNOW that you are blossoming ❀

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