Unafraid to Stand Alone — Fiesta Estrellas – ReBLOGathon Day28

In this life, we might be terrified. we might feel alone, though we are not. we must work every day to give ourselves enough space, to be who we are. however we are, “dark” or “light” or the huge gamut spanning between even if not one single person feels that what we offer is valuable, […]

unafraid to stand alone — Fiesta Estrellas
Unsplash photographer: Yuriy Bogdanov

Today’s reblog links back to a poem I wrote, about not being afraid to stand alone. I think this is a good reminder for all of us while the season is all about “coming together.” For so many this season bring a lot of pressure, loneliness, and oftentimes tremendous grief. However for others it’s a time to really express our happiness and our love with our friends, families and everyone in our lives. Truly the holidays are days when most people have off work–even though not all do.

Yesterday I took time for myself to really appreciate the moments in my life. There’s this beautiful quiet descending upon me. It’s far from depression and it feels like inner peace. I’m not even chasing after it either. It’s there when all the chasing runs its course. 🙂

Happy Peppering!

2 thoughts on “Unafraid to Stand Alone — Fiesta Estrellas – ReBLOGathon Day28

  1. In order not to feel alone, it is important to keep your mind busy. We must do things that we like and occupy our time so that the feeling of loneliness is not so pronounced. When we feel distracted and very productive, the hours fly by and we won’t have a moment to think and obsess over being or feeling alone. We can enjoy our work, become a volunteer, look for a leisure activity that is fun for us and that involves interacting with more people, etc. A good article. It invites reflection if we go through this period of loneliness. A hug.

    1. All your tips are excellent. I agree. Also, what is truly pleasing is when all your solitary activities feel like “home” and you are so deeply comforted in your own presence, so much so, that loneliness doesn’t even have any existence in your heart. ❤ In fact, you can feel and be aware of others' loneliness and invite them into your spaciousness and that is fine, too 🙂

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