Happy baby pose, sharing more of me.

the focus, the point
of any moment’s contentment
is the delicate

of right here, now playful ~
cross crawl,
in a ball:
when hands touch soles of feet, and
to touch
this pose –
is made

for giggles, and wiggles.

the sacrum is flat,
and the body is a bowl
nimble and ready to roll,

figure it out as a baby, and
then, forget it.

then spend rest of life,
practicing yoga,
and watching your love baby grow.


Happy Full MOooooOn in AriES!

I finished some of my board exams for practicing acupuncture and licensing! I have 5. I did 2 so far in the last couple of months, but will have to wait to take the one for this state once I graduate. The other 4 I can sit for now, so I did 2 National Board exams past couple of months, passed and completed! However, they are doing a restructuring of the exams and scheduling is a thing, so I might have to wait until July 2020. I did return to school, so I’ve been busy with that, and midterms, and being a new mom: which is the most fun, and helps to balance the hard work! Being a mom is also hard work, no doubt, but it’s more immediately rewarding. Trying to plan for next semester, returning to the clinic, and slowly finishing the few classes that remain until I graduate and I will be finally done with this very long 6 year journey (only 4 class left).

I will draw a card from my Wild Wood Tarot deck and bring you into the woods to play with me this autumn!

Also as an 8th ray ritual magician apprentice, where I have been working directly with New Zealand First Light Flower Essences, I’ve been working this month with the moon as an alchemist, where I can see the future I am creating, and it’s marvelous.

23 thoughts on “Happy baby pose, sharing more of me.

    1. Thank you, Brad! It’s one of my favorite yoga poses and it certainly has new meaning now during pregnancy and watching my baby do it! Thank you so much for your well wishes. I agree, we learn how to become simpler and more easily satisfied, again. Watching a child frees the spirit and shows us a window into our own being.

    1. Thank you! Fruition would be great, especially if I define it as dynamic and active peace and calm. Wonderful to connect with you here and there! Have a wonderful rest of this year, 2019! Can you believe it’s time already soon to welcome that New Year? I can’t, but i do enjoy this year-end energy, It’s often warm and fuzzy, and classically full of faith and goodwill.

  1. I’m go glad you are going back to school AND enjoying your baby. It will be worth all the hard work, and the balance sounds perfect. Your poem makes it clear why happy baby is one of may favorite poses. The giggles and wiggles will be more free to emerge from now on. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, JoAnna! I believe that hard work is worth it. I am looking for more passion, though, in my work, to be honest. I’ll get there, I don’t want to give up on me getting there. Happy Baby pose is also one of my favorite yoga poses! I hope a lot is more free to emerge now. I deeply believe that freeing energies does help create space and give us more options in how we respond. I know that I have to do this work until I can specialize in what I am actually passionate about (and defining that and sharing it). For now, here we are, in the middle of things…. while they are on their way to becoming more and more free and joyous every day. As an aside, I dusted off my guitar, and my daughter loves it. I don’t need to be great at anything (right now) in order to make her smile. It’s a nice feeling, and a nice balance.

  2. Hi Ka! Thanks for the sweet blessing, the wonderful update of Half-Life, and the reading at the end. All of it touched my heart and I’m so happy I had my phone in my hand when the tweet arrived! Talk about the four seasons of life…you are living them…and with such grace. It’s not always easy to balance all that we have to do, but it sounds like you are moving through all aspects and accomplishing all that is in your heart.
    Congrats on passing your boards! Much love to you , KaπŸ’œ

  3. I am marveling at the many movements in your heart’s creative orchestra, Ka! Your Wild Wood Tarot card seemed apropos of all that you shared here. The power of your magic is readily apparent! Sensing and very happy for the fullness of your life in this time…


  4. So Happy you are enjoying life and living dearest Ka.. these times are so special with the new life you helped create.. EnJOY my friend… Loved the card reading too.. ❀
    Stay Blessed my friend ❀

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