Astrology worth sharing

Sarah Vrba really shines the light in the dark on this heated-up, up-coming (but can be felt now) full moon in Aries. She speaks about the poetry of Astrology, and I know we are speaking the same language!

When you see it directly in the way we have these line-ups at 20 degrees and the intensity with square energy. We could go on and on, using the planets to describe what is energetically available beneath these descriptions and expositions.

Though, I love Sarah’s here!

Poetry brings us into direct relationship with what is beyond symbolism – while using symbolism!

Sometimes the most direct way, is indirect.

How Tao are you, today? Tomorrow? Yesterday?

For more helpful astrology, including a great do it yourself Tarot spread idea, go here

2 thoughts on “Astrology worth sharing

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ka! I really enjoyed this and while I don’t know much astrology, hearing these descriptions was really beautiful on its own terms. The wisdom and the connection shine through…

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this video, Michael. Sarah really describes the energy of the transit well and does so with the astrology, making connections to how this “poetry” can be seen in the chart of the full moon. There’s meaning and connection in the signs as they are interpreted, I think. I really also enjoyed the tarot spread suggestion at the end of the link. The questions were helpful and led to a beautiful, insightful reading for us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Nice to meet up with you again šŸ™‚

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