.doodles i dug up.

I’m a lover of line
the gloss-on atop paper
the tip of choice
pen, pencil, or dirt
paint, sculpt, hands
to clay

I’m a lover of line
and form and a
wandering curiosity


allows the page to just
do justice to itself
without the presence of
any mind.

I am a lover of line
of lyrics and liquid
of flowing and flown

drip-drop, the medium moves
across dimensions
from visions,

bop hop, clop,
if it’s a flop,
who cares…

This is part of my contribution for Cheer Peppers 🌶 Nano Poblano. Click for more contributions from other peppers.


at some point in my life, I stopped doodling. I hope it comes back 😃

23 thoughts on “.doodles i dug up.

  1. I used to doodle too! And I’ve wondered if I would still enjoy it. I think not. The nostalgia of it probably is worth more than anything I’d get out of it now, especially when that time would be better spent writing. If only I could write as much as I used to doodle….

    1. Hi Matt –
      I hope you get to do as much writing as you’d like to. It sounds like you are working on it! I definitely get a lot out of doodling, and I am missing it. I think it contributes to my writing, all my art does, when I do it. It’s the ability to weave it all back into my life again that I’m looking for. Blogging is really good maintaining a creative community. Cheer Peppers 🙂 Happy Nano Poblano!

    1. JoAnna ~<3 ~ Drawing without a plan lets the mind unadult. It's such a beautiful gift to give oneself. Thank you for your comment. I did not see it until now. I am having some trouble with my technology, and the "trouble" is multi-faceted. I better get my pen and pencils out for the next opportunity!

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