.clean up poem.

help, my email
is a mess-
i know i’m not the only one
about to run…
outta space!

the window sill is
now clean,
where’s the will to
dive into my google drive
and organize IT
on the fly?

help, my cookies clog
up my wordpress
and Press won’t let me
“like” others’ blogs!
Blog – agog

help, my WordPress is
not helping me manage
my communications. It’s only
showing me half of the
com ments, or none.

the other half is
cluttered in email

as for my house? not bad.

my friend is coming to get
the lamp, the extra diapers
went to the baby named
Daenerys – Queen of Dragons.

my creative spaces
can’t hold half-worked projects
help! I want to make more,
but where do i put it?
it’s a chore!

my office has moved into the closet
now my closet needs more closets.

I was trying something new here. Please don’t be upset if it wasn’t a real poem, or any good at all. Whenever I write, it makes it better. I think putting anything down in writing helps (at least it’s not an extra piece of paper to file!!!) I think being silly helps.

This is a contribution to Cheer Peppers Nano Poblano 2019. For more contributions go here.


26 thoughts on “.clean up poem.

    1. ah- hah! There are many more out there like us! I had to put a wrap on so many of my projects for this very long schooling journey. But I am still aware of everything that I’ve left behind and want to tend to “one day!” In my case, it might be a lot of starting out “fresh.” After all those locational moves in my life, it helps to reduce things over the years. Now with my daughter in the house – how cool is that?! – my world is filled with her developmental toys and play areas. Organizational abilities get even more taxed!

    1. That’s a lot of email, yes, and it’s like that – so glad you started fresh again! Truly that’s the best way to do it sometimes.

      Since I wrote this poem, I found many more comments (not in spam but in a comment void that doesn’t show on notifications or email!)

      1. Same thing happened with this comment. I find that I actually have to login with my computer to get to the comments. I can’t just use my phone. Anyways! Bless those WP Gremlins as you say. I do need to find me a house elf to help with all the things:) Have yourself a wonderful week, Sue!! πŸ™‚ What would I do without all this fun stuff to sort?

      2. Never worry over fairy dust lol it will always be waiting tomorrow. I used to have a day for this chore and a day for that especially when I worked full time. The weekends I’d cook and freeze meals for the family. All I did was run myself ragged. 🀯 Not appreciating how my children grew as I was then the main bread winner as hubby worked for himself around the children and holidays. I missed sooo much. Which is why the now is so important to live in the moment. Dust and clutter can wait. Love and life can’t. So enjoy all will work out. πŸ’šπŸ€—πŸ’•

  1. I loved it, Ka…because I, too, am living it! SPACE…STUFF…it has been a year of transition for me as I try to find a space for all my stuff…yet short of building a larger house with more closets(πŸ˜‰) the only answer has been to get rid of some of my stuff!! SHRIEKS…and then SHRIEKS AGAIN!
    I remember I was in a museum in NYC once and in the gift shop they had (bear with me the memory is painful and therefore fuzzy) an art board that would erase your work after a few minutes…to teach us impermanence…to not be attached. I remember thing thinking…WHO WOULD BUY THAT???
    I think I’m better…you can’t possibly believe what I have let go of this year…all kinds of STUFF …material…emotional…you get the idea.
    Sending you lots of love and light πŸ’œ

    1. Oooh, none of are alone; especially not the creatives running around here online and everywhere. Cleaning out all the things, may be able to part peacefully with all things we need to, inner, outer, stuff and more invisible type of stuffs. That art board sounds really neat and reminds me of a story about a sculpting teacher I once had while in a special program at a governor’s school for art as a teenager. My teacher got all of us students investing and “oohing and aahing” over this figure’s head he created; it was so masterfully done – and then he took it and threw it against the ground. He told us not to get invested in the product, or we don’t keep working our skills and taking those risks. Anyways, my younger self missed the point (though I did hear it and I remember it now) but I kept the head. It was solid and was never fired in a kiln so it ended up crumbling anyways… So… I grasp, but…. I also learned a lot about tossing stuff out and sending it off with a nice little friendly “goodbye.” Thanks for your visit. I’ll have to check out your new blog post soon! Lots of hugs and light and love right back ❀

      1. Love this story…and love particularly that you said you didn’t get the lesson then…but look how you get it now. I never really thought about timing that way…I always think things happen exactly when & how they are supposed to…but here is something that happened back then and you really get it now! It’s kind of exciting to think that every single thing…every single moment…MATTERS!
        Thanks, Ka🌝 You bring a smile to my face…and my heart πŸ’œ

      2. Lorrie,
        You bring a smile to my face, too!! and my heart! It’s strange because I did understand my sculpting teacher’s lesson, but I guess, I still wanted his marvelous head sculpture! LOL My wanting his creation was separate from me understanding about my own creations and needing to not be afraid to keep taking risks. Hmm… I’m sure I still have more to learn from this! I’m so grateful I got that scholarship to go to that school and learn from these teachers! I’m grateful for my art teacher at the time who believed in me and signed me up for it. I didn’t even apply. I still have that figure I sculpted from that class. I wonder if it’s time to part with it. Maybe I’ll photo it and write a poem about it. I don’t know…
        Thank you for being here ❀ Really, thank you.

      3. Omg…I hope you do post about it, Ka. I would love to see it!! 🌝 In high school, I had to do a sculpture of a head. I chose Bob Dylan (I was so into his music then…and just recently thought I need to revisit some of that) and I started the project and realized it wasn’t my thing…but had to finish it for credit in the class. I got a finished head that looked NOTHING like Bob Dylan! I saved it through the years, it managed to travel wherever I moved to. When my son was old enough he said he thought it was YOKO ONO!!! We laugh about that to this day and when I just had to clear that home out I didn’t have room to move it to my small condo here. Nobody was more surprised than I when my son came to pick up what he wanted to salvage and suddenly I saw “Yoko” under his arm! He said of course he had to take her! She has been a part of our family for over 40 years!!🌝 It was great!
        I hope to see yours soon πŸ˜‰
        Take care, Ka. And always keep your memories special of that time…it was a great experience I am sure! πŸ’œ Sweet blessings, my friend!

      4. Hi Ka! I am so upset! I was just in the middle of responding to what you had written on my latest post…AND POOF!!! It disappeared before my very eyes! All of it…your comment…my response. I have no idea what happened, but please know that I read your wonderful response and your words hit me in my heart. I will be okay…in fact I will be much better than that. I am trying to deal with all I feel because I have found anything I bury and think I sent away only comes back at the most inopportune time! Know that your caring heart and the support and love you send always makes me want to be a better person ❀
        You made me laugh when you referenced dreaming πŸ˜‰
        I am sad that your comment is gone…BUT OH MY GOODNESS…BLOWS ME AWAY…what have we been discussing? Impermanence and letting go! This is a little freaky…but it shouldn't be. It is just like that art board where the creation only exists for a time…or your professors incredible sculpture that he threw on the floor!
        I am just happy that I got to read it before it took off on its journey.
        So much love and light to you…this will make me think…and laugh today!

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