Dear Blog Family

Please stay close in the New Year! I know I have a lot of reading and catching up to do. You are all in my thoughts and I am so grateful for the times we spend together, at odd or irregular hours, or when consistency is even possible.

This has been such a special year transition for my family and I, and though I won’t post personal pictures due to safety and pragmatism, I wish to share my joy and writings with such an incredible group of bloggers! One of my previous posts had the comments restricted. By accident no comments were allowed. I created the blog post from my phone, but it seemed to default to no comments; however, that didn’t happen with a subsequent post. However, no one left a comment on that poem, which is okay. Going forward as time permits, I encourage your interaction with me.

So grateful am I for all the ways you already participate! Happy New Year! 2020. I hope to continue to keep bringing content in this space in the New Year: it has been so wonderful to develop with your presence. I also hope to return to astrology. I had been not using this space for astrology because there’s so much of it on the internet now. Finding my own contribution has been requiring me to be in more meditation and *away* from all that; however, I have many other focused goals at present. I still want to have my writing, astrology, and photography/art in the forum, so I’m asking myself: how might I incorporate it in? I want to do so in a non-time-intensive/sensitive way. That is not a pun. Astrology is not really about time, although it “seems” like is. The astrology that is focused on “time” isn’t even one I”believe in.” To me, it’s about having a fun practice and exploration into what arises. Also, this doesn’t require languaging, despite that so much of it is “interpretation.”

Please stay close, leave your comments. What are you most happy you left behind in 2019? What are your dreams? Talk to me. Listening to people talk about their dreams is wonderful; I’m an activator. Let me add my energy by reading.

Much peace and many blessings to you blog family!

25 thoughts on “Dear Blog Family

    1. Hello Dear Linda!

      I did not see this message until today because I am on my computer (I usually use my phone app) and was able to see that your message was caught in a “pending” form in my comments section. I don’t get the notification for many comments these days; you know, on the right hand side with the bell icon? It’s upsetting a bit. The only reason why I looked there was because of necessity I had to send a document with my computer…that led to me visiting the blog, which led to me visiting other blogs, and I left a comment on someone’s blog – and it looked like my comment disappeared. So I thought I’d go looking for it. I haven’t found it, but I found yours!!! I also found about 5 more comments I hadn’t seen until now…

      Thanks for the Love sent and received, Linda! Namaste
      P.S. I trust that I received your good energy regardless if I saw the messages on the computer. So nice to see these, and be reassured as well. lol

  1. It’s nice to share the blogging journey with you Ka. I trust you will find the right blend for your life and blog by experimenting. For me, I’m letting worrying so much about how things will turn out, focusing on bringing more love, joy, and grace to the present moment. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Brad! Happy New Year to you, too!! I always enjoy hearing from you 🙂. I’m glad to know that you are letting go of worrying about outcomes and focusing more on experiencing the joy, love and grace available in the present moment. I can relate very well with all that you wrote here, as I can say this is true for me as well. I’m having fun experimenting! Very much fun, right now. So nice to blog with you! I enjoy your blog and interacting!

  2. Always close dearest Ka… even though I am thousands of miles away..
    I took a month out of blog land in that I wasn’t visiting as much as I normally do in WP..

    Life needs to be put first and with your new family, that priority is always first.. Its been my privilege to share this journey with you Ka.. And I appreciate the ‘Time’ you get when ever you get it that you share your thoughts with us..

    I too have pondered about my blog and this year I thought twice of deleting it.. So pleased I didn’t though… 🙂

    So blog when you can, and visit when you are able.. when ever I see you land upon my blog is a joy anyway..
    So look after You and yours dearest Ka.. that is the main thing..

    And I wish you a very Happy, healthy, wonderful 2020 my friend.. May Joy and laughter continue to bloom as you see your little girl grow into a beautiful being..

    Love Sue ❤

    1. You are close, Sue!

      I started a reply to you but it got lost. It’s wonderful that you took a break as you needed to. I often have thought about deleting my blog, but have not done so. At some point, I’m gonna want to give it a deep clean and update it, though. We’ll see later on – as stands now and can easily change is end of 2020 to 2021 or… whenever it’s the right time 😉

      Life is always my priority, my family: absolutely. I am so glad to be here! I am so glad to interact with people such as you and many others whenever they are able as I don’t want anyone to ever feel pressured, and I don’t think anyone does 🙂

      May all your blessings come back to you 10,000 fold. You are a wonderful friend to have online and one day it would be a delight to meet. Until then… so glad to share here. I’m really grateful for you, Sue! Xoxo

      1. Bless you Ka.. I think that is what I love about our special community here Ka.. We are here for each other with no pressure..
        I already am starting to deep clean my blog, I gave it a different colour today and will proceed to delete and change around things to simplify it.. I like my theme, and have sort to change it several times each year, but I am never happy with the ones that are shown in the previews I do.. So if in doubt, I don’t lol..
        And we will dedicate our time as and when we can.. I do not like sitting too long, or be connected to WiFi too long either, as my head starts to spin and ears hiss lol… So taking all in bite size chunks..
        Enjoy your weekend my dearest Ka.. And Soooo much love right back at you.. ❤

  3. I always get a good feeling from your blog and I’m thankful for you, even when I’m not physically here. Joy is a word that keeps coming to me about this year. I want to read more books, get back to writing, and the forest, and keep doing art. Beyond that, I’m learning to go with the flow and watch with interest what unfolds. I look forward to blogging with you and wish you and your family peace, joy, and happiness. ❤

    1. JoAnna, I can’t even tell you how much your comment made me feel good! I’m so grateful for our connection!

      I am currently reading 2 books right now, fiction. I am reading them slower than I expected to. Sometimes I get through a book in a couple of days, other times I can read the same one for months (and maybe it’s because I am not consistently reading it but haven’t given up on it.) Often I will have several books going at one time.

      What does getting back to writing mean to you? Perhaps writing another book?

      I’d like to compile another poetry book. I have the material. It’s definitely time-consuming. Right now I’m enjoying being back working in the clinic, school, and being with my family 🙂

      Wishing you a bright and meaningful new year with health and happiness for all your family ♥️

      1. I’ve always been a slow reader. Plus, if I really love a book, I don’t want it to end and always have more than one going. Thanks for asking about my writing goals. Getting back means resuming my Friday morning appointment with writing which I did! I am pulling together the technical parts of self publishing a book which is a short how to (five step) version of my memoir. Plus, I’ve worked on some pieces for Chicken Soup and got a nudge to polish up some old stories to submit to magazines. I didn’t write much when I had a job and kids. Writing will be there for you when the time is right. Enjoy on!

      2. Sounds wonderful, JoAnna! You seem really excited and focused about it all… considering you *already* returned to your Friday morning practice. Sounds exciting that you got the nudge to submit your work to magazines! I’m very happy for you! Keep going! Keep going!

  4. Hi Ka! I hate it when the WP fairies take over and either completely delete a comment…or they don’t allow any comments at all! I am certain the glitch is to fault.
    Yes…leaving 2019 behind. It was a good year all in all for me. After being housebound for the 2+ years we took care of my mom…we made a pact to do a little get away every single month of 2019. Some of it was business related, but we did indeed manage to do this and it was amazing! I am glad the year of “first everything” since my mom passed is over…it feels like we are in a better place and I know that she is!!!
    Miss you….hope everyone is doing totally awesome…and hope that this year of perfect vision has many sweet miracles for you ❤ ❤

    1. Hi Lorrie!
      I’m sorry. I thought I replied to this comment but now I see I did not! What an incredible, full month it’s been. I wonder if you are still traveling. You have had so much to process through with your mom for those years that ultimately from this end, seemed very healing. The first year of “firsts” was probably the hardest to get through, and I bet each year will bring more and more sweetness. Thank you for being part of my blog family! You are loved! 💕 We are doing so wonderful here and time has sincerely never moved faster. I have a full schedule, but I also see myself as expanding. We all are here expanding; growing! Lots of love your way! We did celebrate our Lunar New Year 🧧 on the 25th! So it’s fresh in the heart of best wishing to you…for this year to come, all the blessings… for us it’s almost an Imbolc celebration with a bit of cleaning and inspiration from those Celtic roots! Wishing you a wonderful end of the month and “see” you again soon! Xo

      1. Hello my friend, Ka😊 I literally just got home after a whirlwind trip that had many obligations packed into it. I got a cold (not a surprise…I felt stress before the trip even though I worked hard not to.) I felt really bad at one point in the car today and had to stop…had to get out of the car! In all the years of road trips I don’t think I’ve ever done that!
        But I am home…and oh so happy!! 😊
        I faced a huge challenge over the week…one that has been a lifelong companion (a family member) and I handled myself EXACTLY the way that I wanted to!! It was liberating!!
        I’m so happy that you are living life so fully…so aware. It truly amazes me how fast everything is moving!!!
        Much love to you. Make the most of these few days left of January 2020!!

  5. Happy new year my friend. Interesting post for sure. I too went through the issue of comments being closed on the posts published without my knowledge for quite a while.
    Truly relate to that, as while it is enjoyable to write and express our thoughts and experiences, it is the reader and the inputs shared that makes it even more meaningful and memorable. Have a fantastic year full of beautiful blessings .💕

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