Feeling good

don’t underestimate yourself

once you cross that line
in that sand of trials
you build momemtum
and when that happens,
nothing can pause you for too long

nothing can stop you

you know yourself
you are clear

it’s in your breath,
it’s in your training

you know how to count in the only
way that matters to you.

you know what you did before,
and keep watching yourself
transcend where you were.

all your energy is working for you,
no distractions
oneness in body, mind,
and soul.

close your eyes and just imagine
this is your new beginning,
and it has all your past practice,
with the joy of discovery

you are really on your path
see your feet on the ground
feel the wind in your hair
run for fun.

dance with freedom in your lungs!

corresponding to the New Moon in Aquarius

26 thoughts on “Feeling good

  1. Every day of our life we ​​need that breath. We have to be positive always to have quality of life. It is only up to us to achieve it. These verses come as a balm for the soul.

  2. This is so positive, Ka. It reads like a mantra that should be read every morning before rising from bed. I love how these lines turn all the experience of the past, the good and bad, into stepping stones:
    “this is your new beginning,
    and it has all your past practice,
    with the joy of discovery”
    Lovely. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Diana. This is something that would inspire me every day. As you send this good energy out in the world, it circles back to you in abundance. If/when you write another book of poetry, I hope you will include this.

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