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The Buy Nothing Project is wonderful! It’s based on local communities and gifting culture. It’s even more important when you have kids and you need to gift (to remove things from your home and make space, or ask for things that you only need temporarily.) Also, it builds a sense of community and community awareness. This is one of the best new developments I’ve seen so far in terms of economy.

I just wanted to bring this to peoples’ awareness in my blog community – so you can find Buy Nothing Project(s) nearby you.

Buy Nothing Project groups divert materials from our landfills and oceans as hundreds of items are re-homed each day. Groups dedicated to giving away used items are in place around the world — find your local group today!

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10 thoughts on “The Buy Nothing Project — Discover

    1. It’s actually about gifting and not exchange. The website is the
      They have groups on Facebook, too, per neighborhood. Even if you join and just watch people interact, it will warm your heart, Even More! That’s what I did. Right now it’s idle, and I haven’t used my time watching or participating (been busy) but for a solid month, my heart was warmed. Then I was able to contribute to people’s thanksgiving celebrations and etc… it goes on and on. It’s a huge different we make in people’s lives when we can offer something and the people who need something the most- they show up. Also I’ve seen people furnish their new homes quickly. I’ve seen really generous gifts. I’ve seen so much caring.

      1. I did think it restores your faith in people which is what makes it wonderful to read about. AND if you did have much about in terms of community well, it does let you see x

      2. Yes, community is so important, and it’s nice to start (or continue) building a sense of it. It’s important to see community growing on a larger scale and, in the sense, returning to it as the foundation for economy – the connectedness of a people— versus, the separation and disconnect of goods and services exchanged through mostly strangers. This “Buy Nothing Project” is great because it’s a gifting economy, so it’s not exchange, trade, or barter. It seems as though it really works. You have you give. You need you ask. The asks are usually miraculously answered and the gives are constant. People leave lots of gratitude posts. It’s uplifting to read. I’m still observing, and I do participate when it makes sense to do so. 🙂

        Through a friend of mine with connections at the border, however, I am happy because I was able to donate a bunch of items over to Mexico to a shelter there for people who desperately need the baby blankets, clothing, maternity sweaters, etc. Refugees. Those sentimentals of mine have a home where they are definitely needed 💗 !

  1. Wonderful sounding project Ka…
    When we begin to really all work together in a community based system, the world will become a better place..

    I watched a program on TV about a couple who had sold up their house in London took their two small children out to New Zealand to live in a yurt, And those around them were all community based, growing food, helping each other out when needed, Home schooling.. They were asked but what were the kids going to miss out on in not being in mainstream schooling… I laughed when she said her young children ages were 4 and 7 knew more about Biology in nature because they were interacting with nature, learning names, of flowers, identifying working with nature using maths every day and their writing and drawing skills were brill…
    Also the mother said she had not bought one new set of clothing for her children since their move, all were from second hand or given…

    The husband said to the interviewer… When there is a Crisis… The Banks will not want to know Me.. The Government will not want to know me… But My community will pull together… THAT is what makes a difference..

    And I see a day, when we may all wish to be in such a community, self reliant and sufficient.. Makes a lot of sense.. And these small projects are heading us all in that direction

    I think sometimes our world is being shaken to bring us back to this point… But we humans are so stubborn we keep repeating old ways expecting them to work even after they have collapsed..

    Great share Ka ❤ thank you

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