Everything around me slowed down,

But I had not.

I could tell because I wasn’t absorbing

The sounds and smells and textures

Of the day.

I know because, on some level,

There’s a part of me who has been it all

And done it all, before.

I know there’s truly no hurrying to go anywhere,

Because there’s no where to go.

There’s still this animal part of me

That’s itching to be in a hurry

That’s anxious about tomorrow.

I can see it all. I can accept this part of me,

And I don’t even have to worry about it.

Beautiful awareness.

Pictures Herbarium, 2011, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg (b 1955), shown at the Slow Art Exhibit in Stockholm 2012.

Pictures Herbarium, 2011, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg (b 1955), shown at the Slow Art Exhibit in Stockholm 2012.

How much more slowly can I go? I am teasing myself with this idea, out of curiosity. It’s too tempting to speed ahead, but now is the perfect time to breathe deep, take a moment longer reading. Take a moment for myself.

21 thoughts on “Slow

    1. Thank you, Andrew! Me too! I’m looking at the slow art movement right now. Exhibits would take place on April 11th if the museums were open. I’m also a witness to my own tendencies to move fast past the moment. I hope I can experience more beautiful awareness by slowing down, internally. Please be safe, too. Take good care of yourself!

  1. Kudos Ka. I applaud your awareness and relaxing into the slowing down. I’m doing this a little, but it’s challenging in between working in a busy retail environment. Beautiful art. Is it yours?

  2. I love the sentiment that change is not unfamiliar. The particulars may be different, but yes… we’ve been here before haven’t we? There is comfort in knowing this, too, deepens our relationship to the wisdom of Life…


  3. When we relax into the Now moment Ka, there is no need to rush, no need to hurry or worry, for each moment takes care of itself..
    Much love your way dear Ka… You are in my thoughts ❤

  4. It’s amazing what we allow ourselves to see now we are at home… and then to practice taking our time and becoming more aware in each moment. Oh how your baby must be enjoying this time with you. Much love❤️

    1. Thank you, Barbara, it’s a choice to recognize and be a witness.

      I’ve been such a homebody since I had my daughter, and before. Sure, before I would be in school and working in the clinic—now we do it all at home, and it’s a small home. She loves us both around. She gets the benefit of us 24/7. You know, the inner world is moving fast… we are growing quickly like the flash of lightning 🌩 and with this Covid19, we are reassessing everything. It’s been a mostly good time as we work through those shadows and build our inner castles.

  5. The thing I am learning about this time, Ka, is that it can be whatever we truly mean it to be. We have full control and we can decide to honor that…or we can continue to live a life that happens around us.
    Things feel so strange. I took my paddle board out for the first time in almost a year yesterday and there were so many boats!! I was in the intracoastal and it was scary…the people seemed like caged animals that were let loose for the first time and the energy that surrounded them…and the energy in the water created huge wake that made my ride quite turbulent.
    I made it home safely, but what I realize is that people are meant to be free. That as a whole when our energy is pent up with no place to go it will eventually find a way to express itself…sometimes that can be in ways that help mankind move forward…and sometimes not. I guess the important thing for me is to be more aware of my own energy…because it truly impacts the world.
    So much love and light to you!! Stay well! ❤

    1. Yes Lorrie, in all things we have to find a balance, which is easier said than done.

      Thank you for your very thoughtful message sharing your experience and taking the time to connect with me here! I could picture you easily.

      I miss being here “in blogging” more but, overall, my life is even busier with the young baby and my other responsibilities . Trying to stay well and be calm 💗 in the midst of all these unknowns.

      1. I get it! The key for me is to not go too far out…keep the thoughts centered on the immediate and just a little further out. It helps. And I do find myself more in the present moment which is something I have been trying to practice for some time!
        Stay well my friend…take care of what you need to…but don’t forget about yourself! 💜💜

      2. Thank you! Yes it’s a lot to have two people working from home while caring for their young baby in the middle of a pandemic. I think I (we) am/are managing it well, considering my workload is more than enough. I do enjoy sharing in inspiring exchanges and have also been practicing “present moment awareness” since my meditation path began many years ago and my spiritual path even sooner because my spiritual path was always one of exploration from mysticism to “guided meditation” which led to other things like secular mindfulness and then Buddhism, etc etc. “More spiritual than religious.” I could never probably provide a complete list of all my influence and practices. Haha!! Taking care of oneself when they are taking care of a young one is easier said than done! Stay well, Lorrie! Looking forward to catching up with your new blog post that I saw was published recently in flash on my notifications 😉 💗🌸💗

        I appreciate and feel your support! Sending back lots of love and blessings!

        How’s that for a little “far out?” 😂.
        Yes, though, this moment. The one right now. It’s the only one that matters. 🙂
        Letting the future go….

      3. I remember having a little one like it was yesterday, Ka…and then in the blink of an eye, I open my eyes and his heading towards his 40th birthday…WHUT??????
        Things are so different. I am sure each and every person on the planet is struggling to find their new normal. Some will allow it to find them and some will fight it and create more drama. I feel peaceful and grateful that I have had as many years “lightening” as I have had because, like you, there are so many influences it would be hard to list. It’s like a Chinese food menu…some from this column some from that…etc etc.
        Stay in the light my friend. Explore all there is for you to know!
        Sending lots of love and peace ❤

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