5 min meditation

Hello 👋! I hope everyone is staying healthy and or moving in that direction. I know it’s a hard time for all of us.

I recorded a 5 minute meditation for you. It’s at this link:


I wanted to offer what I can to help bring some grounding and centering into your day with this recording. I’m feeling inspired today to do more meditations in the future but not sure when I will get to them. It’s something I would enjoy doing, just not sure about some logistics.

Would you be interested in listening? Would this be helpful for you at this time?

Looking forward to connecting again,

Love, Ka

6 thoughts on “5 min meditation

  1. Your voice as I said way back in 2015 is soothing and calming Ka…. And Yes I listened again and it was helpful… All things that calm and soothe our spirits right now is helpful in keeping our stress down.. To bolster our immune systems…
    So thank you Ka..
    I trust you are all well.. Sending Love, light and Healing thoughts my friend…. Stay blessed… ❤
    Love Sue ❤

    1. It is so absolutely wonderful to hear from you. Yes, Sue, we are living in the times we have been preparing for…. I am coming over to visit you very soon. ❤️ I’m glad to offer something soothing and would like to add more tracks soon. I have been thinking of you quite often, and I’ll have to come over and visit with your blog and get caught up. Here’s to your health and to the health of us all. Also stay blessed, Sue ❤️ Much Love xo Ka

      1. Wonderful we are here in real time Ka… and no rush when you have a moment… it will still be here.. There isnt a rush in me at the moment… I just do not want to be on my computer as much.. Though I need to share my thoughts… its a weird feeling… But I am calm and peaceful.. ❤ you too take care… Much love your way ❤

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