Lovingkindness meditation

Hello friends,

Today is the 5th day of the Nano Poblano writing challenge, and I feel the crunch! Yesterday in preparation for today, I managed to record another meditation track and create a Soundcloud account. I definitely don’t understand all the bells and whistles of the devices/apps I’m using, but I’m getting the job done. In fact I’ve been hoping/dreaming, for years, that I could get back into recording and composing music again. I was only really ever an amateur, but I absolutely enjoyed it with all my heart. So it will be therapeutic for me to get back on that music train again, but for now, I’m starting with this meditation track project for YOU!

Actually, I’ve been wanting to make these meditation tracks for months. This is the first one I’ve made since a few years ago. So, I’m delighted to be able to offer it to you here with this link to my soundcloud account.

9 thoughts on “Lovingkindness meditation

  1. What a beautiful meditation — your voice is melodic. your invitation soothing and healing.

    I love the distinction you make between ‘being responsible for the light’ versus ‘ being present’. Powerful!

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