The beginning of healing

It’s a healthy thing to accept where we are.

Today is the beginning of my healing, I say. Everything else that I did prior to today was a warm-up, or so it seems. Let the healing begin. Let this begin at a deeper level. Let me be genuine in my fearlessness to discover my healing in new ways. When I speak from a wound let it be pure and innocent as any welcomed embrace into the heart of forgiveness. I am equal to all others, I am free to be me as I am, as I am healing, and I am conscious and aware of my tender places inside and around me. I face the shadowed energies with renewed courage, renewed admission. I am in no hurry to rush past this point beyond where I find my language, in self kindness, to be aware. Let today be the beginning of a deeper way, a guided trust into the heart of all my hopes and abilities, and into the places that transcend my capacity. There is a greater spirit which is in my house, my heart. There is a god/goddess, Jesus, Buddha, a gift of presence. What would I do without my prayer? How would I call out for help? There is in me the ability to access the gift of guidance for all. There is in me the gift of awareness and a strength that even I do not know. I enter the beginning of my healing with deep gratitude. I am heard. I am loved. I am awake and trembling in the face of all its majesty, and it is okay. There is a peace and silence in my suffering. When I recognize that I can easily begin now.

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I watched the inauguration today, and I am proud to participate in welcoming in this new administration. I have hope again. While I never really “lost” hope. I’ve been dangerously close to it so many times. Maybe I lost it for several hours, or for days at a time. When I think back to the previous 4 years, I know how broken I have felt and how damaged and shredded much of my energy had become. I see can it even better now. Having a good person in office, someone who knows suffering and also the overcoming of it, is admirable; and restores my faith to a degree that needed restoration. This is the beginning.

31 thoughts on “The beginning of healing

  1. So beautiful to immerse in your words – when each one of us take responsibility to enter our being, see our truth and our wounds, we heal and in turn the world heals at large. The willingness is so powerful. The inauguration filled me up with joy, hope and positivity too – I am with you, I never lost hope, accepted that all that is, is what is needed perhaps to face our fears and our vulnerability and waited for this new beginning. And it is here!! Together we celebrate each new day.

    1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Thank you so much for visiting and reading. Pragalbha, yes. The willingness to heal is what we need; as you say it is powerful. Blessings for a new beginning! Thank you for being here. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week.

  2. I hear you, Ka. It’s been interesting to discover what we’ve been carrying, protecting, holding–not sure what exactly–these last few years. That breath of release has come with tears… and then we see it. And it’s been a challenge to juxtapose the hope in our hearts with some of the collective events that have materialized. We’re all healing together I think. Your words here are powerful and I love the question what would I do without my prayer? Indeed, what would we do without the thread of connection that winds through time and space, and weaves us wholeheartedly into the world!? We need that…

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Thank you for really hearing me! I think you know we all walk together. We are breathing together, in a way. What would I do without you? I’m not here taking up space for myself alone. I offer my heart, my insides, the very best of me. Sometimes the response feels too silent. Sometimes I call out and I hear crickets and nothingness. Sometimes the pain is amplified in the silence, but healing takes on so many forms. I do discover I am heard in unique ways, maybe not the ways I want. We do begin to heal what we begin to see and realize. Our country is deeply divided and I think many families are deeply divided. There is a wholeness so many of us want to connect with, and so many don’t know how. I think having a wish and a prayer can be a beginning. I’m not anti-atheist or anything. Just like when we sit down with ourselves and accept exactly where we are: the beginning. All our devices fall away. The beginning of everything that is to come. Thank you, Michael! Let’s keep weaving our words together…

      1. This was beautiful, Ka, and touched my heart. I know what it means to desire to connect and be heard, and appreciate so much the gift of others hearing me when it comes. Yes, let’s keep at it… you’re a beautiful person, Ka, with such goodness in you that brims to the top in all of your writing!

        I think a wish and a prayer is important, too. It’s a magnetism that sets intention for action and movement, and for those who are spiritually inclined, it may seem to carry additional potentialities, but even without that we can align on hopes for a better world, I agree, and that is both necessary and powerful…


      2. We are living unique moments, each one in their respective countries. Realities that can be equated because they start from the same motive. We just have to be aware that unity is strength and being connected in a prayer of hope can help overcome problems. We must believe in ourselves and in what our conscience dictates.
        Greetings Ka from Chile (South America)
        Manuel Angel

      3. I love what you say, Manuel. I’m sorry for my delayed response. Unity is definitely strength. Your words in reply to my heartfelt writing is so appreciated. You bring so much with your words here, and I want you to feel valued! Hello to your beautiful country of Chile 🇨🇱 and may you have a wonderful week ahead! So grateful to have met you here my friend.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Brad! I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. I’ve been sitting with this space. This is definitely a call for moving forward. My sincere hope is that we have infinite gifts that come from these hardships we’ve all endured as we’ve gone through a dark time. There’s much work to be done, in all levels—personal and collectively. I hope for greater peace, unity, and kindness. Your message reminds me of your kindness and that’s definitely a wonderful gift to witness. May our futures heal us more deeply from the collective and personal struggles from the past. May we come to know and claim the joy and healing ahead.

  3. I read this beginning as a meditation and found it powerfully healing. For four years, hope seemed dim and far away, or hiding behind the clouds. Now, it is a shining sun in a clear blue sky.

  4. Amen, Ka! This beautiful post was like a tonic to my soul. Healing! There is such a need for mass healing. Our planet cries out and begs for it. I, too, had to come to terms with how the last four years have made me feel. To be honest, I had the best night’s sleep on inauguration day!! I think there was so much chaos going on that I never truly felt safe and always had one eye open at night.
    Here’s to renewal…and healing. May we somehow overcome the differences and the divisiveness that has run so rampant.
    Sending you lots of love and light. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, dear Ka ❤

    1. Thank you, Lorrie
      The healing is profound. I sense that it’s still in its beginning. Perhaps this is where I dwell at the beginning in the freshness of that awareness. Sending you, also, lots of love and goodness, peace, and good will! May better sleep keep coming 💖💖💖

      1. Hi Ka! So happy to hear good things 😊 I do think we have a long way to go…but that’s okay…one step forward. As long as we keep moving forward!
        Sweet Blessings, friend 🧡

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