Advice on being a better writer


I have zero advice to offer you on this. Still reading? Maybe you can comment in the comment section on what qualities you think good writing has? I’m talking about, asking about, what speaks to your soul, your mind, and your heart?

  • Do you only read on a certain topic of set of topics?
  • Do you like to be inspired, motivated?
    • What motivates you?
  • Must the author have qualifications and expertise?
  • Do you only read from writers who already have a big following?
  • Do you wish to work on your own self-expression?
  • Is it important to you that the author be relatable?
  • Do you want to be able to interact with the author?
  • Poetry: do you respond more to subject matter or voice? Do you expect to be the same or changed by the poem, in some way? What if the poem makes you think? Do you like that or does the challenge feel too uncomfortable for you?
  • What are your own writing goals? Do you have quarterly writing goals?
  • Where do you see yourself going with your audience? How important is your audience to you?

21 thoughts on “Advice on being a better writer

  1. I ‘feel’ what it took to write, regardless of topic. When a heart connects with what is written, it glows and attracts. Just as something written in anger shows its pain, and pushes away. Just follow your heart, write of what you love. Be it about full moons or flowers in a field…all about those things you enjoy or feel deeply for. Even if you love snails in your garden 😀❤️🙏🏽

  2. I like to read blogs/books that inspire me, move me, or inform me. And yes, a relatable writing style rather than a stuffy lecture style. Mark expressed what attracts me to someone’s writing. I personally write better from having a connection to the topic.

    1. Thank you for thinking about and replying to my questions, Brad. Inspiration is always welcome, right?! I can absolutely relate to you on that. I also relate to you on the accessibility of the writer/reading. It cannot read material that is too dense or heady. If I wanted to do that, I would probably be doing it in an area of study that I am already committed to–not through the blog reading. What I love about blogging is that we are truly connected to other writers and artists. It feels like home to me, in that way. For me, I’m not sure that topic matters. I relate to Mark in that way. Have a wonderful weekend, Brad! Thanks for being in my online world ❤

  3. It seems like we all have very similar feelings about this… Writing from the heart matters and it shows. The only other thing that I can add is what my very, very favorite college English professor said about a million years ago. He (Prof. Carl Stach) said… Good writing allows you to stand in a place that you have never stood before!… That has always stayed with me and it has always been my measuring stick. I just love it when people say things differently or they talk about something that I’ve never really thought about. I love it when writing makes me think!💜

  4. I love reading real and raw experience from friends gained, getting to know each other adds to a feeling of community, even virtual! This inspires me to open up too, to focus on authenticity which is my word this year and what a year it is to bring me right down to bare bones… in fact yesterday I felt quite sad as I felt I had to let go of even more, my beliefs and only flow with my knowingness in each moment…. So my next writing or live chat has to try and explain this❤️ Thankyou Ka for the questions and for being my friend online❤️ much love 🥰

    1. Thank you for sharing, Barbara. Thank you for your heartfelt reply. I feel you. I feel your sincerity and your vulnerability as you go through your process of loss and letting go. I am here for you, my friend! Thank you 🙏🏼 for visiting and reading and considering my questions. So much love headed your way!!! ♥️

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