Neruda Ode to Clothes & the environment — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 20)

Ode to the Clothes Every morning you wait,clothes, over a chair,to fill yourself withmy vanity, my love,my hope, my body.Barelyrisen from sleep,I relinquish the water,enter your sleeves,my legs look forthe hollows of your legs,and so embracedby your indefatigable faithfulnessI rise, to tread the grass,enter poetry,consider through the windows,the things,the men, the women,the deeds and the […]

Neruda Ode to Clothes & the environment — Fiesta Estrellas

This post I wrote from the inspiration of a Pablo Neruda poem. The thoughts struck me again about how things used to be made with high quality back in previous centuries while I was watching an episode of Outlander. I was marveling at the costumes (this is when they were in North Carolina). Things just don’t last now. Clothing falls apart almost immediately. Shoes have a very short life (especially for children). These are my passing thoughts on the morning where we are going to get family photos by the beach. Our photographer lost the first set of pictures last weekend. I hope these images last. Really, I hope our smiles last. I hope we always find it easy to smile.

12 thoughts on “Neruda Ode to Clothes & the environment — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 20)

  1. Nowadays everything is ephemeral. Clothes, because of fashion, change every year and the material they are made of, no way, they don’t last at all. Instead Neruda gives a different connotation to clothing. He makes her part of the body, a continuation of hands and feet. Poetry has that great value of giving life to inanimate things. Another thing is the smile. It should be permanent in each one of us to make us happy and others happy too. Regards Ka.

    1. Yes and this is why our landfills are unnecessarily bogged down and overflowing. My hope is that technology and or our capitalist system can work to the advantage of the health of the planet rather than the way it’s currently working (disposable products to encourage consumption). Here’s a number of ways to reduce items to the landfill (I know I’m preaching to that choir here). I want to mention that we use bamboo toilet paper from here You can also buy a subscription to toothpaste in a glass jar with refills, some companies have gotten rid of the tubes. You can even make these toothpastes yourself. Also there’s replacement water for water bottles in cartons or in cans.

      I have a lot of hope in the inventiveness of people, and these are small beginnings.

      Finally there’s the “Buy Nothing” groups which are very effective for sharing and creating “gifting” culture among neighbors. 👍

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