Commitment is strength inspiring — Fiesta Estrellas (Bonus post: ReBLOGathon)

In an age of fast development: technology, tv screens, constant-upgrades, new designs, “better,” “more connected,” webbed, and “seamless” living, I am amazed, and I Am inspired by those who commit to their goals. Now, life will throw us off track, time and time again – especially if you have a very strong relationship – for […]

Commitment is strength inspiring — Fiesta Estrellas

This ReBLOG came up on its own on another social media feed. It’s so cool to read these old posts—> I’m still going strong and living my truth. I know that for a fact. The evidence is here. 🙂 I’m also posting this because we have some strong Mars transits coming up. A message like this can be handy.

7 thoughts on “Commitment is strength inspiring — Fiesta Estrellas (Bonus post: ReBLOGathon)

  1. I love what you say about bravery relying on commitment. I commit to trying my best in the New Year. I’m so glad you reblogged this one, Ka, as I missed it the first time around!

    1. Hi Christy,
      I can’t imagine you ever doing anything but your best 🙂 It’s your spirit. You have always struck me as a passionate and committed individual. Thank you for coming by and reading! I think we can set all our wonderful intentions for 2023. This year, for the first time, I even wrote out my 3 and 5 year plans. I have my 10 year plans in my head. Happy writing, Christy! I so appreciate you.

      1. Ka, thank you kindly for these words. So sweet. And that’s wonderful about your 3 and 5 year plans ~ Goals are there to drive us! I’ll be your cheerleader xo

  2. I will sometimes go back through my old posts. I’ll read one of them and then click to go to the next post. I’ll read that one and click again. And I’ll keep doing that until I realize an hour has passed.

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