Before we close

don’t want to dance on the ashes

of 2022!

It’s too soon to discard what was then and

now just celebrate the new!

But it’s coming fast, and as I hold on tight

Not relenting just isn’t quite right.

So I will take my time up until the very end

And delicately hold my 2022 as my passing friend,

For it brought me more joy and delight

Than my hopes from 2021 could ignite

And wishes granted than the former trend.

I have come home to truly mend

My vision and my mind,

and now the sights on what’s behind

has been a pause and a trigger

For what could 2023 deliver

upon what’s already been given and kind?

I will open my hand and say goodbye

Just not before, not too soon, 2022, is behind.

Photo credit: Cristian Escobar

16 thoughts on “Before we close

  1. So glad Ka that 2022 was so transformative for you. I may ask you offline how I can learn to make better use of our similar current transits. I think you could teach me a thing or two!

    You are such a true spirit – strong, bold, talented, compassionate, creative, and so authentically kind. You deserve all the blessings and miracles that you receive. My end of year post is more woe is me than can I stay here a bit longer?, but I realize we all get what we specifically need for our evolution.

    big love,

    Linda ❤

    1. Hi Linda,
      We are all facing unique challenges and some of them come with blessings. I’d be happy to compare notes with you. Thank you for all the kindness shed on me here! I feel so grateful to have such beauty reflected back at me. I’m thinking about how your beauty shimmers in your own light and how this New Year’s nod can be filled with all the hopes and wishes as well as the wisdom, growth and liberty that arises with our evolution and development! So many blessings your way into this New Year 2023, and beyond time as we know! So happy to share my 2022 with you and we shall see what comes in 2023! Much love, Linda! Xo

  2. This is refreshing to read kindness for 2022. In spite of the challenges, the year had its lessons and gifts. Things are not suddenly that different. The transition seems to have a more gradual flow for me. Best wishes to you, always!

    1. Yes, JoAnna, you got this message perfectly! I really feel more and more loving releases each year. It used be a much less conscious and mindful transition for me! Now it’s more about **continuity within the renewal** in a more gentle and loving way! It’s like 2022 is handing a very special baton to 2023 and I love it!! Thank you for being here!!! 😃 Best wishes to you also 💗💗💗 Can’t wait to see what we create this year!

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