Astrology of Shifts

Image by Haley Rivera from Unsplash

We have a solar eclipse coming up here on December 14, a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius shortly after that and then a Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th. There’s been a lot of astrology to talk about during all these crazy months but these newer developments feel more liberating than we’ve seen in a while.

The solar eclipse on the 14th is in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s a good opportunity to take stock of beliefs and how beliefs affect and color emotions to create mental filter through which we determine our realities. There’s a lot of social movements and many small groups that have communications around beliefs and translating those into visions for how to live in the world. However I’m more interested on the individual level and how the astrology can be used to help liberate us.

For one, this solar eclipse which translates into a Sun and Moon conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius at 23 degrees and 8 min, at at 11:16 a.m. ET/8:16 a.m. PT. is within a 3 degree orb conjunction with Mercury. The stories we tell ourselves are so important, and they are important at any time. However when we are on the cusp of a new adventure or journey, as at this eclipse, we are even more guided to the star ⭐️ we hitch our wagons to. That wagon is the energy or the wheels we give to our personal stories. When we seek liberation, we often try to overcome personal stories but then miss out on the richness of a life of non-attachment within those stories that decorate and frame our lives.

For me, this eclipse takes place in my 11th house of hopes and dreams and this week I’m finishing up a long term goal to complete my Masters program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and fulfill my last requirements. I’ve had a long journey 6+ years with this endeavor and I’ve really struggled a lot through many personal challenges. There’s also been many graces along the way; but overall, I wanted to quit many times. At this point, I’m looking forward to integrating and spending some time in a place where I can be on the other end of this milestone. I put in a tremendous amount of energy, work, and slayed so many personal demons, but I’ve got more effort and work ahead of me, no doubt. For now, I’m enjoying the energy of this solar eclipse to highlight for me how my life is in many ways “scheduled and on-time” regardless of how my ego sometimes prefers.

This Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in my 12th house will further light up areas where my self-undoing has short-changed me but best of all these openings will finally be in the same sign as my ascendant in Aquarius. I’m ready to be moving into my Aquarian energy again, into my 1st house eventually, which is a little while away, but will be an additional boost to how I experience myself interfacing and interacting with deepest hopes and dreams, as a whole and refreshed person on the new horizon of my new consciousness.

It’ll be interesting to see where we all land on the full Moon in Cancer on December 29, as this virus continues to challenge individuals, families and cultural and financial systems.

January 2020 began, after all, with a moon in Cancer, on January 10. Reflecting back on this time is full-circle, where will we be? Where will you be? Come January 28, 2021 the first full moon of the year will be in Leo. So let’s think on it. Let’s call in Sagittarian wisdom from experience that we have special access to during this eclipse and look at this Cancerian (stay at home) year, in bookends.

Let’s figure out how we translate into the New Year 2021, as the year that brings our strengths into the equation in a new way. We have in so many ways been vulnerable in 2020 (Cancer), some have fought against what might have been perceived as authoritarian and rules from governance, and now it’s time to think about the ways within we’ve grown as we continue to walk into a more Leonine head-still-held-up, in a “how we survived,” call to grace. It’s those sprouts 🌱 which will come up in the new year, 2021. We will be dusting off the ashes, so to speak.

I hope you all have a peaceful and healthy holiday transition this December as many have already begun celebrating Hanukkah and this month is rich in energy for hope and magic. May you be well, May you be happy.

Image from Tijana Tijana Drndarski Unsplashed

26 thoughts on “Astrology of Shifts

  1. So much effort that you have put in on your part that surely your goals will be fulfilled helped by this eclipse according to your astrological sign. The truth is that six years is a lot of effort that cannot be thrown away.
    All the best for you and may your dreams come true.
    Manuel Angel

    1. Yes, I’ve been dedicated and passionate in my endeavors. Thank you for your recognition. We all live according to our stars ⭐️ and for many of us, it is unbeknownst. Fortunately I’ve had a meaningful guide and reflection with astrology throughout the decades. Many blessings sent your way!

  2. Wonderful post, Ka! Wishing you and yours a happy and fulfilling holiday season. And congratulations on persevering to complete what you set out to accomplish. That is no small task and you have my admiration for walking the entire length of the trail… I’m hoping for a fresh vantage too, and feel it already seeping in… It feels good, genuine, and potent. And I hope you find the same in the days ahead!


    1. So wonderful to hear from you, Michael! Wishing you and yours also a happy and healthy, connected holiday season! ♥️ Thank you for your congratulations; it was no small task and I appreciate your taking a moment to visit and read and offer your positive words of acknowledgment. Looking forward to more of all that is! May many blessings be headed your way now, and long into 2021!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Ka! It has been a lot of hard work during times that you did not have a lot of extra “time!” But here you are, at the end of this journey and it is really just the beginning. Congratulations!!
    The energy this month has felt so strong. We walked to the top of a high bridge here where I live to view the Jupiter/Saturn alignment and it was spectacular. I was amazed so many other people had the same idea…it was really cool to share their energy. Last night, the night after the full moon, I looked out my slider and saw the strangest light…I had to go out to see it better. It was the (almost) full moon peeking out from behind clouds…but the energy was so strong…I felt my heart beating and heard it in my ears! I don’t think I have ever felt anything like that before. I wish I could add the photo here (don’t even know if it is possible) but I did post it on Twitter today…if you get a chance take a look. I used my cell phone but there is a
    “night” setting and I think it came out pretty cool…(@LorrieBowden on Twitter)
    Sending all good things your way… Hope 2021 is brilliantly shining and oh so peaceful!! ❤ ❤

  4. A lovely vision of the new year, Ka. I like the “call to grace” that faces us now as the old difficult year passes. I hope we rise to the call and create something kinder and more compassionate with all we’ve learned. Happy New Year. ❤

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