The Hedgehog Special

Hedgehogs are one of my virtual therapy animals or totems. Hedgehogs have the ability to protect, and their medicine is one of being “untouched” by the dreadfulness of unsafe situations. Hedgehogs are supremely cute, I think, and I delight in these little creatures.

Chuang Tzu was a philosopher in ancient China, who, one night went to sleep and dreamed that he was a butterfly. He dreamt that he was flying around from flower to flower and while he was dreaming he felt free, blown about by the breeze hither and thither. He was quite sure that he was a butterfly.” (

I dream I am a hedgehog, or maybe I am a hedgehog dreaming that I am a human. There you go. It makes sense to me!

All the above photos are from Unsplash a free for use photography site. Speaking of splashes, it’s time to give my kiddo a bath! Happy Peppering Tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “The Hedgehog Special

  1. Hedgehogs are absolutely adorable.

    I saw one in the wild, once. I was walking home one night and I saw motion out of the corner of my eye. When I looked closer, it was a little hedgehog, trying very hard to not be noticed by me.

    I love love love that the natural defense mechanism of a hedgehog when spotted by a human is just, “LA LA LA I’M A PINECONE YOU CAN’T SEE ME!”

  2. They are so cute! I used to love Jan Brett’s books with Hedgie. Have you read those? If not, you and your little one are in for a treat~ check out The Snowy Nap to start :0).

  3. I do love hedgehogs, I thinks it’s because you expect them to be as awful as their spikes, yet they are really cute inside and adorable, especially when they’re babies❤️ sending you love🥰

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