Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses!

Hello dear friends & welcome new followers!

I am delighted to share with you that my 1st book of poetry is published and available. It’s available immediately at the CreateSpace eStore. It’ll be able at Amazon.com in 3-5 business days (now available!), and to a wider audience in 6-8 weeks!  The thing is, to me, this was everything: I finished!

May you all have a Happy New Year – Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up – let the festivities continue while we work!  I hope. I can breathe now… well, sort of… I’ll sign and autograph as you request. I had one or two of those already. It may take some time as I am just adjusting to my new schedule, but we’ll work stuff out on a case by case basis. Please use my contact form, and just allow me 24-48 hours to get some thoughts together, and of course, to be in front of a computer again.

Ps. I have taken note that every time I write, there are crickets!  Right now! Bright daylight, and I hear crickets near the screen door.  So grateful!! Remembering this.


Not a Computer Programmer; not a poem

There was a point along the timeline, almost 10 years ago now, when I realized that I might have it in me – the interest – to become a computer programmer. I also had enough intelligence to create a small calculator using java, the language – not the script. I got an A in my Master’s level intro class in programming (I was considering a Network Architecture degree), while I was also a full-time at a call-center for a top-of-the-line cellular phone company. I would fix problems for agents who were our sales force in the stores. I had access to the switch; and I was asked on several occasions to do special projects with user-testing for huge, new software interface roll-outs. This bothered me because I liked being “closer to the machine.” Machine language is simple. Though I did not use machine language, nor firmware. I did use software that was a bit closer to the database, requiring the most basic commands. It seems like software just keeps getting built outward, towards the user, with more tools, more “accessibility.” We all adapt to constant changes and improvements, because it’s supposedly adapting to us. This bothered me. This tempted me to start to feel like I want to build, in my own life, in the opposite direction. I wanted to start taking down the scaffolding – find out the basic functions of my world, my heart, my spirit, my roots.

I should mention here, that I am not technically inclined on a regular day, nor off the cuff. When I get stressed out, I don’t see things that are right in front of my face. I don’t always remember the obvious, especially if its my own “problem”: “Did you toggle the power? and power cycle.” I do have a decent track record with making sure that devices are plugged in. That said, I would not go to myself for help with a technical problem.

Anyways, the point is, I didn’t know I could hack it. (Pun. Intended.)

I never considered myself a Geek or a Nerd – in the proud way that people often say it today. I was always trying to earn respect from myself. I was always internally bumbling ~ never felt comfortable with the idea that I might be intelligent, or capable. Supposingly (my made-up word for now), I was concerned with what were the consequences of that. Does anyone care about the consequences of mind and matter? Programmers are concerned with function. They have ways of compiling data; and they have ways of testing usability. I am not a programmer. By the way, I am not a philosopher, either.

I am not interested in what I am, or what defines me. I hope you aren’t either, because I don’t think that’s the best thing about knowing me – although I couldn’t tell you what is – maybe never ‘really’ knowing me?

Here’s why I started writing today in the first place, for a quasi poem:

In programming language there is an
“if, then” statement. It’s how we help the
computer, “make decisions.”

For now, I have learned to live without the function of
the “if, then” statement. I go by “Do, while.” I realize that
“Do, while,” is dangerous code, because it is a continuous loop.

“If, then” logic is brilliant. But the Taoism
from my teenage years, That Lao Tzu I read,
influenced me and wrote some code for me:
“The code that is written
is not the code.”

“Whistle while I work” fits in better than, [Do, While]
“If I succeed at A, then B will be possible.” [If, Then]

I like that, really,
just telling you how it actually is
now: “Do, while.”

((“Whistling, while I work”) meanwhile writing happens”) Here’s my “real” style.

What are you Doing, while?

Meanwhile, I’ve got dishes…herbs…boring stuff that makes me whistle, and a long day ahead of me.

Once upon a time…when film was film

I have experienced so many profound things… and, I never wrote that story. I never became that professional photographer. I never found those words.  I never became the hero that I wanted to be. I couldn’t return to the townships in South Africa and say… Let’s play some music together again. I want to hit that drum with you again – join hands, transcend worlds…

So, here’s something from 2001.

Dear Woman, when the National Press Club notified me that I won the photo contest with your picture, I felt embarrassed. It took me a long time to find that smile you wore – to find it inside myself.

I could not afford to fly and see your image on the wall in the gallery. At the time, I could barely pay my rent. I wanted to see you again, not fly to Washington D.C. I needed the sunset and the sunrise to enter into my heart, just like it did when I could feel the whole jungle wake, as the funny monkeys stirred.

Old times, they do tug at my heart. People who I’ve met and exchanged with in depth of spirit, people on the journey. They moved on; we all just moved on.

Aloha.  Aloha. I love you. You have been in my heart all this time….

Your smile… is like no other I’ve ever seen. Here at Angkor Wat. Here at the temple where I continue to worship. The temple of shadows where smiles are forged from the hearts of connection. Where we don’t need things, or even hands, to smile.

Woman with smile_Angkor Wat

Dear Children, I want to see you free… free and free….

Children at home_Cambodia

Story of One

From the beginning
There was no beginning.
You and I were One.
And One, times One,
equals One.

It’s math for witnesses
It is Math
for multipliers,
Math for the pregnant

Who among them are
Male & Female
Yin and Yang

There’s a quality to the One,
which has Two basic flavors.

Each within and without.

From the beginning
There was no beginning.
Then there was One Who Observed Day and Night.

Poem & Photography by ©2015 Ka Malana

A Channel, a Lion, and a Waterbearer

Channel Qi moves

From the Well to the Sea

You and Me

We’ve made it to the place

Where We can really stop

Asking; and just receive.

Aquarius the water bearer

Is an Air sign.

We don’t have air signs in

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If we stop to ask why,

We may miss some poem.

Coming from the drop

At the top of the well, reflecting,

Or from the Source point.

Even the naming doesn’t matter.

We couldn’t dam it up,

This movement, if we tried.

You and me, from well to the sea…

Drawing the healing constellations on our bodies.

Connecting the points of light in lines of Qi


The lioness has lost her mirror

Given it up to the motion of the moon.

That’s okay, from another perspective,

It’s easier to polish this way.

Let the world hold it outright,

Like a tiny baby in the light of freshly emerging Love; behold.

All the warmth around is

Spilling out of heaven’s hearth.

There’s still music and song

Reflecting in our wayward pools.

The last I heard, God was delighted.

The future is the bright light in our hearts


Today is a special day. It’s March 4th. I’m not going to write about astrology right now, but about the sentence, “March forth.” Sure, there’s something astrological about that, but I just want to talk about the energy surrounding it. On March 4th, today, is a very special opportunity to keep moving forward to the dream, the vision. Inside our hearts is the key to everything–our faith–is paramount.  Today, I encourage you to find that unshakeable strength you had the moment you were born. Find that inspiration where all other inspirations come from. Find that place inside your heart that knows, silently. That knows. This is ‘how’ to March 4th. Once you’ve found it, honor it. Love it deeply. It is your precious heart.


sculpture by Paige Bradley http://paigebradley.com/