Billiard Balls and Astrology

Dear friends,

My mind is not on studying, and this makes me sad. Usually I like studying. I enjoy it. Not right now… right now I just want to be inspired, every single moment. I want to create something – or I get thoughts about things. For instance, this past weekend my husband and I went to go shoot some pool. You know, billiards!? Β I always think of the planets when I am shooting pool.

I hadn’t played pool in a long time, but for some reason – including my mystery beer: Fat tire, helped. Actually, I only had one beer. That’s all I needed to have a really good game. All the “long-shots” that I ended up taking were really good. I am sort of teaching my husband how to play pool. Luckily, he’s a quick study.

So, astrology and billiard balls…. It’s all about geometry, angles, and putting “English” on the ball!

So, no… I’ve never played in a pool league. But, I still do have some divine moments πŸ˜‰ It’s pretty fun to have a witness! Can I have a witness?!

Have fun today Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius…

Also, I think now I can get to studying.

6 thoughts on “Billiard Balls and Astrology

  1. High school meant the local arcade, pool, air hockey and pinball, yea! I was not very good at pool but I liked it, Linking it to the planets, hmmm I like that thought πŸ™‚

    Sometimes study breaks actually improve study. Enjoy it all. peace, Linda

    1. Yes, Linda… Yes, studies absolutely suggest frequent breaks; isn’t that another brilliant excuse for me? πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s really nourishing to get a lot done. Thank you, Ka
      P.S. Pool is really fun. I used to play “digger” on my computer when I was a kid. Who doesn’t love a good pinball machine, or Dave & Busters?! Maybe that’ll have to happen later πŸ™‚

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