Puppy Love

Hi Michael,
Beautiful poem. Interesting story that I’ve (we’ve) been thinking about getting a puppy. Of course, it’s just that desire to continue filling the space with love, I guess. Met my first neighbor-friend yesterday and it seems with some of the newest friends I’ve made lately; we just talk about dogs. I don’t know if this really happened to you or is just creative expression of all the happenings; but your poem reminds me of all the dogs I’ve ever loved; and that it’s very much in my thought-process, even when it’s least likely to happen. Love the new blog layout.
Love, Ka

Embracing Forever

Hafiz picked me up
and drove me out into the countryside,
aiming the right front tire
for every mud puddle he could find,
and filling the rearview mirror
with volley after volley of clay starbursts.

Then, much to the relief
of both my kidneys and
the vehicle’s suspension,
we came across a dog breeder
and popped in to say hello.
After a cup of tea
and a profound discussion
of canine nutrition,
she invited us to see the stock.
We stepped outside
and she whistled like an old school
basketball coach.
All the little pups came running.
They lined up in a row
and plopped down on their
well-trained haunches,
head up, chest out, and eyes wide.
As we went down the line
they smiled ear to ear
like they couldn’t stand it anymore
and made puppy growls and yips
and bounced in place or fell over sideways
and licked our…

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5 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Hi Ka,

    I was just writing from the place of playful puppy love, but have been thinking a lot in recent times about being “who we are”, and showing up in whatever way most accurately fulfills that injunction. We’re not always supported in these goings-out, but also, sometimes my own self-consciousness contributes to that mirror. That puppy love… it is contagious, is it not!?

    Thank you so much for the re-blog. Am enjoying witnessing your early summer renaissance… The labyrinth seems to really have set you in motion… In a good way… 🙂


  2. Dear Michael,
    Yes. The new semester, new house, the labyrinth, the business trip and tree project. Neuroanatomy, among other things. All this and more, it seems… of course, there’s also the full moon in Sagittarius and Mercury retrograde. It has turned me upside down and started “shaking the change” out of me. 😉 In a good way…I am pretty much a happy puppy myself, slobbering and wagging my tail for the next treat.
    Peace my brotha,

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