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Recently I made a new blogger friend: Louise Gallagher. Her website is called, “Dare Boldly.” Please check out the link below that will take you to her artwork.

I will be away from my blogging helm for a short while to attend to celebrations and the finishing up of seasonal demands. Here’s a poem that I wrote, inspired by Louise’s post: #ShePersisted, where she references what has inspired her. Louise has some TED Talks, and immediately I recognized her as a kindred spirit. What follows is my poem, then her link. Remember to check out her artwork, and for those inclined/able, go visit her.

“For women”

For women,
we are women
born in these bodies

of fruit,
to become fruit

made of ‘he’
and she

protagonists in our
own stories

while the ones we read
as children, we were
the sidekicks,
the silent strength.

not a bad role.

in heroic stories –
i always identified as ‘he’

now we have
wonder woman.

and she showed up, why?
because of us.

because, we said: I need
a character, with strength
and beauty, and she will
represent these “masculine” – feminine
graces –

she will get the work done!
she will overcome evil.
she is mighty.

Β©2017 Ka Malana


Source: #ShePersisted

32 thoughts on “#ShePersisted – was inspired by…

    1. Thank you, Brad! I really enjoyed my time away or at least my “slow down” in certain life areas. I managed to meet all my “seasonal demands” with perfect accuracy and passed through it with flying colors. πŸ™‚ Soon, I’ll be back into the business of my life again, and will once again have limited time for blogging. Well, we do our best, right?! Love and gratitude for your response and good wishes! Btw, I had a wonderful birthday during all of it! πŸ™‚

      There are wonderfully inspiring female role models and its important to express the journey to “getting there” and not coming out all perfect at some imaginary “end” point, where we can say “there it is!” That’s what we are looking for! Who knows what we are looking for? Let’s all just keep developing.


    1. You bet! πŸ™‚ Emboldening is the only answer I have to any question that arises, and yet, I’m still timid. I’ll admit it freely, and be that as it may, continue to develop myself to be exactly what I already am. πŸ˜‰ Thankfully, Louise and others are fabulous allies.

    1. Thank you, Tina! I recently finished: The Kin of Ata are Waiting for you! Good Choice, and good recommendation – thank you for it! Thank you, also, for your lovely comment. I have your recently re-claimed book in my reading queue. I’m not really good with writing reviews yet, nor do I have time at present, but that’s a skill worth cultivating at some point, too! Once I’ve done it all… I’ll be done. πŸ˜‰ So excited for all the life plans. No wonder you thought of “Ka,” when it came to The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You – and just because – all of it! πŸ™‚ xo

      1. You’re welcome, Ka. I’m so pleased you read and enjoyed the book! In my opinion, it’s a surreal classic ~ surreal only in that most people do not live with a foot in two worlds. I love your enthusiasm and hope you cultivate that as well. My heart to your heart πŸ’œ

  1. I love your sensibility in this poem, Ka. The recognition that the female characters you met as children were the sidekicks, the support staff of the stories, saddened me. I’ve made a conscious decision the past few years to seek out women authors and musicians and be sure they’re in my awareness. In many ways they always have been but in making it conscious I see some of the disparities, and it boggles my mind to be honest. We can’t really legislate what we need. We can’t say we need this amount of this and that amount of that. We just need everything that matters. And we don’t have enough of that right now. I hope we have much more of that soon.

    With Love

    1. Oh – I’m so glad that you see my sensibility in this, in this post/poem! Many of these thoughts that contribute to my poems come and go like waves in the ocean. I am thinking about female characters even more now, thanks to your comment, as well as female authors and musicians… I loved it in when Tori Amos showed up in my world, back in the day when I was mostly into male voices; then there was PJ Harvey, her rich and full vocal range. It’s good to have a balance of influences – and looking at today’s news, I hope there’s more support for transgendered persons. The news has bummed me out. We are a society that is growing restless of our own definitions and boundaries, perhaps. I agree we cannot legislate for what we need, but we can advocate for it in all the ways we do the things. I love this line, “we just need everything that matters.” YES! Unity making is one of those things that we don’t make, but it sort of comes together and when we witness it, it’s very fortunate, I think. I just finished reading, The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow. Wow – truly great – so many wheels are turning – Hoping for more peacefulness in the process of all this, and in all the things. Peace and Love, Ka

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  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love this poem, Ka! The feminine is so important in our lives. Strong women role models. Did you see Wonder Woman? My best friend had been trying to get me to see it, and I thought, yeah, yeah whatever…comic book movie. Then she saw it a third time so I would go, and I was blown away. So good!! I cried.
    I know, the news is so weird to watch. Just so mind boggling. Seems we are going back a hundred years with lack of tolerance and exploitation and damage to the planet. I keep trying to trust in the big picture. It’s like watching a terrible soap opera, but then I also see people rising up to meet this challenge. So, I guess we will see.
    So great you read The Kin of Atta! I forgot all about it. I remember it being really good a long time ago. Maybe I will re-read it.
    I hope your time away is good, Ka.
    Much much love,

    1. Mary!
      I’m so glad you visited. Thank you so much! Your presence here reminded me that we are still enjoying a nice moment, taking a break, on that wonderful bridge next to the rainbow – you know, a very peaceful transition, courtesy of your lovely photograph from your blog. Yes, Thank you for your comment here, another powerful and wise woman is so needed. I think we really can’t have enough strong women role models. Speaking of…

      I’m excited because I heard that the next Doctor Who will have a female lead role!
      You know that’s sort of what I was hoping for, and didn’t even realize it until I got the news of it. That show has been running since, I think, 1963, with some many different incarnations.

      The Kin of Ata was really good timing for me. I just fit right in and went to the top of the “read” queue. Have you met Pam from
      https://greenlifebluewater.wordpress.com, yet? She’s got an ecology fiction book that I am interested in reading. Anyways, she recommended to me to read “the Code,” (which I also read very recently) https://fiestaestrellas.com/2017/06/27/why-i-gave-up-writing-about-astrology-for-now/ Her comment is at the link.

      I’m currently reading in Search of the Medicine Buddha right now, among other things, while I finish up finals and another shorter type comprehensive exam. It’s that time again!

      Yes, I am looking forward to unplugging completely for however long I am able to.

      Much, much Love right back to you!!!

  4. Very inspiring Ka.. I went to see Wonder Woman in the cinema.. and the feminine rightly needs her place among the heroines.. So many wonderful inspiring women in this world.. And you should also count yourself among them..
    Love and blessings and now to check out your friends art work.. xxx ❀

    1. Dear Sue –
      I’m glad you saw and enjoyed the movie; the feminine needs to be acknowledged in the same way that all love is seen as available to all, and will overcome. I am fortunate that I have had many women who have inspired me, and to have the will (and grace from beyond) and within myself to rise up beyond my own darkness, and be in tune with me. You are such a great friend. ❀ Yesterday, was my birthday! I had a wonderful, lunar eclipse birthday and it was just perfect. Thank you for checking out Louise's artwork, and also thank you for counting me among the women who you consider are inspiring! ❀ That means a lot to me.

      1. Many happy returns dearest Ka for your Birthday.. πŸ™‚ Such a wonderful day to have your Earth Day upon.. And I send you much love as you enjoy your week and the up coming Eclipse on the 21st.. ❀ I know you will keep inspiring.. Love and Blessings sent xxx ❀

      2. Hi Sue, My Aug- 7 Birthday Lunar Eclipse was a wonderful experience for me, a whole lot came to fruition and it was also just the “ending for a new beginning” the 21th solar eclipse was equally amazing and I got to spend it with my loved ones nearby ‘my one and only’, my study buddies, my shaman sisters, and my astrology group. Couldn’t have felt more at home. Knowing that I was still connected here into WP too. I am a member of many clans, as you know. I even got to spend, “just me” time – all this while finishing up all my tests and successfully ending the term. Dear Sue, You always inspire me. I am very grateful! Aloha nui loa! ❀ Ka

      3. So glad that you got to spend such special dates with those that meant the most to you Ka.. And that is how it should be..
        Me time is very special too.. And I am learning to take lots of steps back into ME time now.. I have over the years always been a person in demand for one reason or another in working life as well as my spiritual one.. So learning to take that space for me is now more than ever more important.. Learning that it is not being selfish to do so, but it is allowing ourselves the space to grow..
        Lots of LOVE dearest Ka.. I am so happy the Luna Eclipse was shared with your Kindred Spirits ..
        Love and Blessings always xxx

    1. Hi Lorrie!

      Thank you for loving this poem. It makes my heart happy; it needed to be released, as I was urged to do so. Your loving it, validates its entry into the world.

      Yes, I’m not sure who found who first: Louise or I? You are SO RIGHT about the birds, and LOVE. ❀

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